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What is cheek filler injection??

Shallowed cheeks from the nature of the fat around the cheeks is less. It can be caused by many reasons. whether the weight is reduced, which make the fat around the cheeks disappear, heredity or increasing age, which causes the fat that you used to have when you was young begin to disappear, causing the face look shallowed, and having a shallowed face will make the cheekbones look more defined and look old.

Shallowed cheeks make you look weary, not bright, face looks fierce, not sweet and tender. Shallowed cheek problem is caused by incresing age and some fat is gone. Did you know that sometimes in those who have braces, there is still a chance that there will be permanent shallowed cheek problems. Cheek filler injection is another solution that fills the face. Shallowed cheek filler injection or hyaluronic acid or HA to fill the missing parts of the face around the cheeks by using substances that emulate the nature that exists in the body.

HA is a safe substance because it can decompose naturally. In most cases, it lasts about 12-18 months, depending on individual problems, including the dermatologist’s experience in selecting the type of HA substance that is suitable for injection for the result to be beautiful and even.


What can the cause shallowed cheek?

      • Cheek fat disappears. We will notice that children tend to have round faces, and have a lot of cheeks because there is a lot of fat (baby fat), but when the age increases., this fat will gradually disappear naturally. With the nature of heredity is different, disappearance of cheek fat are vary. Some people rush to lose this fat at a young age and make your face look older than your age.
      • Increasing age causes bone collapse. In addition to the lost fat, when the age increases, it may cause some bone mass to be lost and changes the structure of the skin. When the skin collapses, the face look more slender and lack of firmness.
      • Genetics Some people have shallowed cheeks. Dueto heredity, cheekbones are high and defined. People with faces like this may make the face look quite fierce but it depends on the preferences of the individual.
      • Shallowed cheek from orthodontics. In some cases of orthodontic treatment, several teeth will be extracted or rearranged, the appearance of the mouth look smaller, and the face looks slenderer. Sometimes, the bite of the teeth can cause a change in chewing patterns. Some muscles work less and make it smaller, and the face looks shallowed. Some people may have temples that look shallowed as well.


Who is cheek filler injection suitable for?

      • Those who have a problem with shallowed cheeks, making the face looks dull and not bright.
      • Those who have weight loss problems and the face look skinnier.
      • Those who have high cheekbone problems from genetics, making the face look fierce.
      • Those who want a plumped face without surgery and get natural results.


Benefits of cheek filler injection

      • Help to fill the facial basin caused by the fat layer to look more shallow, and make the cheeks look plumped and not too thin.
      • Help to smooth up skin and cheek skin looks shallower.
      • Help the face look bright, not too sad or shabby.
      • Help adjust physiognomy promote in various matters according to Chinese beliefs.


Suggestion before cheek filler injection

      • Avoid or refrain from certain supplements and medications such as aspirin, vitamin E or fish oil. If you have any medications or supplements that you take regularly, you should inform your dermatologist before every treatment.
      • If the laser is done on the shallowed cheek area, it should be done at least 3 days before filler injection. It is necessary to refrain from doing laser for at least 2 weeks afterwards.
      • Refrain from drinking alcohol or activities that increase the blood circulation, such as a sauna and cardio exercise, for 24 hours before the cheek filler injection.


Suggesttion after cheek filler injection

      • Do not lie down or press on the cheek area for the first 3-6 hours after injection, including refrain from wearing makeup or using all kinds of skin creams.
      • Do not do hard exercise in the first 24 hours, avoid activities that are facing with heat. and do not vigorously rub the treated area.
      • Drink plenty of clean water, about 12 glasses a day, to increase hydration and allow the filler to absorb water and recuperate.
      • Should be cooled according to the doctor’s advice. If wrongly compress the skin, the injected filler may change its properties.
      • Refrain from laser for at least 2 weeks after injection




Frequently asked question about cheek filler injection

    • Is cheek filler injection dangerous?
      • If a service place or beauty clinic that has standards, is chosen and genuine fillers are used, it will not cause harm. But if fake fillers are used, other side effects may occur, such as necrosis, infection, and inflammation. Also, a specific injection technique will make the results more efficient.


    • What should i choose between cheek filler injection or inject with your own body fat?
      • The purpose of the solution is to fill in the missing fat. Both methods can help to solve the problem of shallowed cheeks. The use of fat itself is considered safe but will require surgery to remove the excess fat to come through the process of separating only the fat to be injected. There is a chance that the fat will not stick and disappear. There may be bruising in the liposuction area and injection site. Filling the cheeks with fillers, HA or hyaluronic acid, is safe but may not need swelling and bruising or do not need to recuperate from liposuction. Bruising after the injection is likely to occur as well for just 2-3 days, then those symptoms will improve. The advantage of cheek filler injection is that it does not require surgery and do not need to recuperate.


    • How much is cheek filler injection? How many cc of filler used?
      • For cheek filler injection, amount of HA or filler used depends on the problem or shallowness of the face. Due to the type of filler present are different, choosing the right HA of filler type to the problem, no matter it is the cheek that is caused by the collapse of the bone mass or cheeks that are caused by lost fat. The selection of fillers must be considered appropriately from the experience of dermatologist who inject, including determining the amount used to help the results look good naturally.


Where should I get cheek filler injection?

Choosing a service place must be determined first that it is reliable, and is using genuine filler products that meet standards and are safe. It should be a product in the hyaluronic acid group, which is a natural mimic, and able to decompose by itself. The injecting dermatologist must have experience in filler injection for safe and natural results.



Why should I get cheek filler injection at Romrawin Clinic?

      • The dermatologist has experience and expertise in injections and is a medical professor teaching at a national institute.
      • Every box of filler is genuine and is able to be verified from the FDA.
      • Only use unique technique invented by Romrawin Clinic.
      • New technique and technical training is always available.
      • Received a guaranteed award for injecting fillers consecutively every year.


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