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When the age increases, in addition to health problems that people tend to worry about, the next problem would be a matter of appearance, including skin problems, because when people grow older, in addition to deteriorating health, the firmness of the skin is also reduced. Since collagen under the skin has less replacement production, when people are only in their early 20s. Collagen is like an important structure of the skin that is indicative of youth. Reduction in collagen will make the skin start to have wrinkles and deep grooves around the eye area. It will look delicate and will cause wrinkles more easily than other areas. Reducing wrinkles that have been popular, in addition to laser or injections to reduce wrinkles under the eyes, applying nourishing cream and always replenishing moisture to the skin is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles.


What is wrinkle Botox injection?

Wrinkle Botox injection is an procedure that inhibits the function of various muscle bundles. As a result, the skin shrinks, tightens and wrinkles look faded, which makes the skin smooth. It can fix both wrinkles under the eyes and forehead wrinkles. Wrinkle Botox injection gives clear, quick and effective results than applying lotion or skin care cream. It is a method that is very popular nowadays, both in adolescence and working age that do not have much time to take care of themselves.


Who is wrinkle Botox injection suitable for?

    • Those who have problems with wrinkles on the face that makes the face look shabby and not bright. It can be injected around the mouth, forehead, between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes.
    • Those who want to adjust their face shape to look slimmer and firmer. It helps the skin look younger.
    • It is suitable for those who have little time or no time to take care of yourself but there is a problem with wrinkles on the face. If you want the skin to recover urgently and see results quickly, it doesn’t take long to do.


Benefits of wrinkle Botox injection

    • It helps to solve wrinkles problem well and can be done in many areas.
    • It helps to adjust the face shape to be slimmer, making the face look more proportionate.
    • See results quickly with immediate results after injection, which can last for several months, depending on the area, type and brand of the drug as well.
    • The substances used are safe and get approved by the Food and Drug Administration
    • Can use daily life and normal activities after injection with no special preparation before and after the injection is required.


Suggestion before wrinkle Botox injection

    • Refrain from drinking all kinds of alcohol prior to the injection for at least 7 days.
    • Refrain from taking any dietary supplements and drugs at least 5 days before the injection to reduce the risk of delayed bleeding, which can cause bruising. If taking medication on a regular basis, you should inform your doctor first every time.
    • Take care of your health and get enough sleep to make the body ready.
    • Must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.


Suggestion after wrinkle Botox injection

    • After injection, try to move the muscles in that area every 15 minutes for about 4 hours to distribute the drug into the muscles faster.
    • Refrain from facial massage, facial scrub or laser treatment after wrinkle Botox injection at least 2 weeks.
    • If there are bulges, swelling or bruises after the injection, don’t worry because it will disappear on its own within 2-3 hours, You can apply a cold compress to alleviate the symptoms.
    • Try to avoid lying down on your head after wrinkle Botox injection for about 4 hours to prevent the drug from flowing to other muscles that may cause side effects.
    • Creams or cosmetics should be applied 24 hours after the wrinkle Botox injection.
    • Refrain from drinking alcohol for about 1 week after injection.




Frequently asked question about wrinkle Botox injection

Q : Is wrinkle Botox injection dangerous?
A : The use of botulinum toxin in the medical and beauty industry has been used for a long time, but nowadays, many brands of drugs have been developed. Wrinkle Botox injection’s price become different, therefore, the service must be chosen from a reliable, standardized service place and the Botox injection must be done by an experienced doctor only.

Q : Where usually wrinkle Botox injection use?
A : Wrinkle Botox injection has been used to inject wrinkles under the eyes, forehead and frown lines. Botulinum toxin only works temporarily. The duration of the results will last about 4-6 months, depending on individual problems. Wrinkle Botox injection, therefore, need to be repeated continuously. In the beauty industry, wrinkle Botox injections techniques have been invented and developed continuously. In addition to getting wrinkle Botox injection all over the face, there are also jaw Botox injection to reduce the size of the jaw muscles and adjust the shape of the face to look slimmer, and lifting Botox injection to tighten the skin by forcing the direction of the muscles to lift up. Also, small amounts of Botox injection all over the face reduce small wrinkles and reduce pore size, making the sweat glands on the face work less and the skin looks smoother. Botox injections are also injected to reduce wrinkles in other areas of the body such as the neck, injection to reduce sweat in the armpits, and injection to reduce the size of calves as well.

Q : What should I choose between reducing wrinkle with laser or wrinkle Botox injection?
A : Collagen reduction is a major factor to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin. Therefore, there is research for various technologies to stimulate the increase in the amount of collagen under the skin to make those deep wrinkles look reduced, but stimulating the skin with a laser with the natural process takes time to restore each skin layer as well as adjusting the skin to look smoother. Each type of laser has different layer of skin rejuvenation abilities to apply in the field of beauty, while it was used to treat abnormal muscle weakness. Therefore, it is used to inject wrinkles. Using botulinum toxin will cause the muscles to relax or temporarily suspend work when the muscles are not working. Therefore, the skin in that area cannot be moved, so the skin gradually becomes tighter and continuous wrinkle Botox injection will make the skin in that area gradually look smooth and natural. Wrinkle Botox injection will begin to see results in about 1-2 weeks after the procedure, thus gaining more and more popularity.

Q : When can I seethe result of wrinkle Botox injection and how long does it last?
A : Normally, the drug will begin to take effect and see results about 3-7 days and see full results within 2 weeks. Mostly, Korean Botox will be more popular because the price is not very high and can last for 4 -6 months, but American Botox can last longer. Wrinkle Botox injection should not be injected in the same area too often because it can cause stubborn Botox symptoms. At least, the Botox injection should be injected seperately for at least 3 months and should not be too far apart because it may cause the muscles to function normally, causing to use more drugs in the unit.

Q : What happened when wrinkle Botox injection doesn’t show result?
A : The main reason that after wrinkle Botox injection does not show results, wrinkles do not decrease. It may be because they use fake Botox or low-quality Botox that is not certified. The first injection may be effective, but later, the results may be less, because the body has built up immunity, causing the drug to not be able to perform its full potential. Sometimes, there may be side effects. Also, another reason for people who use genuine Botox can be ineffective but it is very rare because genuine Botox is purer than fake Botox.


Why should I get wrinkle Botox injection at Romrawin clinic?

    • Dermatologists have experience in injections and able to treat problems on the spot and provide safe service to every customer.
    • Every box of substances injected are genuine and able to be verified from the FDA.
    • The doctor has a unique technique invented by Romrawin Clinic only.
    • There is academic training and new techniques for treatment that always gives better results.

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