Nostril Botox Injection

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What is Nostril Botox Injection?

Botox injection that everyone is quite familiar with already. In addition to being used to reduce wrinkles in various areas on the face, such as wrinkles around canthus, under the eyes, frown lines, forehead, or to reduce the size of the jaw muscles to be smaller. Using Botox injection to solve the problem on the face is very popular but did you know that techniques and injection methods are used to adjust other skin problems related to the function of facial muscle bundles, for example, nostril Botox injection technique is Botox injection into nostril area. To relax or reduce the work of the muscles to force the contraction or expansion of the nostrils, when we smile or laugh, it makes the nostril look slender and even smaller.


Technique to reduce wide nostril without surgery, nostril Botox injection

One of the problems on the face that makes people lose their confidenceis large or wide nostril. It can be caused from many reasons by involving the muscles around the nostril. Large or wide nostril may be caused by the genetics of people who have a lot of flesh around the nostril and make it look thick. Also, the muscles around the nose will move along or expand when we speak, smile or laugh. The expansion of the nostrils in some people may be serious, which make the nostrils look bigger and create uncertainty to occur. Nowadays, there are two popular methods to reduce the size of nostril, which are nostril Botox injection and surgery to reduce nostril size.


What does large or wide nostril occur from?

    • Large nostril from fat or nostril meat. For those who have a large nostril problem from having a lot of nostril meat or a lot of fat accumulating around the nostril make the nose look round and thick.
    • Large or wide nostrils from the movement of the muscles. The muscles responsible for widening or dilating of the nostrils are muscles called the dilator naris and the alar nasalis muscles, which force the nostrils to open or wide. Nostrils Botox injection will reduce the work of this muscle. It can make the nostrils smaller.
    • Large nostril from cartilage. If large nostrils from cartilage is that the nostrils are very wide and looks quite hard. The only solution is surgery to reduce the size of the nostrils. Nostril Botox injection will not be able to reduce the size of the nostrils.


Who is nostril Botox injection suitable for?

    • Those who have problems with large nostrils, big nose, wide nose or wide nostrils, lose confidence and want to fix it, but I don’t want surgery.
    • Those who have problems showing emotions, anger, excitement, shock, and the nasolabial muscles are noticeably wide.


Benefits of nostril Botox injection

    • It can solve the problem of wide nose when expressing facial expressions and emotions well.
    • The price is not as high as nostrils plastic surgery and suitable for those who are afraid of surgery. There is no need to recuperate for a long time.


Suggestion before nostril Botox injection

    • Refrain from taking supplements, vitamin E and fish oil. If anyone has regular medication, they should inform the doctor first every time.
    • You should choose aesthetic clinic and study the information about the injection thoroughly for safety and clear results.
    • You should study how to verify that the drug is genuine first every time. While receiving the service, the dermatologist should have the medicine mixed in front of you.
    • You should check your body to make sure every time that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?


Suggestion after nostril Botox injection

    • Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking for 2 weeks after the injection.
    • After nostrils Botox injection, you should move quickly and tense the muscles around the nose immediately 1-2 times.
    • Do not press hard on the nose area because it may cause the injected substance to move to an undesired location.
    • Foods containing 50 mg of zinc will help the drug to work more effectively.


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Frequently asked question about nostril Botox injection

Q : How long does it take for nostrils Botox injection to see the result and how long does it last?
A : Results from nostrils Botox injection will be seen within 1-2 weeks because the muscles that pull the nostrils, will take time to slow down. After that, the nostrils will gradually shrink, not moving in and out while talking or laughing, and see clearer results. Also, it can last up to 3-4 months, depending on the problem, care, amount of medication and muscle volume as well.

Q : Is nostrils Botox injection dangerous?
A : Nostrils Botox injection is a non-complicated procedure that can be done quickly and easily. After injection, people can return to normal daily life without having to waste time recuperating for a long time. In addition, the drug used does not leave any residue to be worried about, and is also certified for safety standards. Therefore, choosing to inject Botox with a quality service facility, don’t inject with uncertified doctor, and use 100% genuine Botox, so you don’t have to worry about danger.

Q : Is it painful to get nostrils Botox injection?
A : Because the nose area has nervous system and near many fragile points, the skin is, therefore, more sensitive than other areas. After the procedure, there should be a cold compress to alleviate symptoms and reduce blood flow around the injection site is a way to reduce pain and prevent skin bruising after the injection.

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