Treating Vascular Melasma

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Treating vascular melasma

Vascular melasma is one of the most common melasma problems, especially in Thai people, but many people may not be familiar with it or have never seen what vascular melasma looks like. Vascular melasma looks like a red, pink or sometimes brown spot, and the appearance of blood vessels on the face makes it look thin and not healthy, which treating vascular melasma must be evaluated and considered for the cause of the occurrence together with.

เปิดสาเหตุน่าตกใจ! ทำไมคนไทยเป็น Reveal shocking reason! Why many Thais get ‘vascular melasma’?

Since our country is full of bright sunlight and many different pollution, it causes the skin of Thai people to be fragile, not strong and accumulate a lot of dullness. It makes skin cells deteriorate easily until it may be the reason that the capillaries on the face are stimulated to increase in number until it finally becomes vascular melasma. Areas that most likely to have hemorrhage, are the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose.

Other factors that may cause vascular melasma



Beliefs about beauty standard.

Beliefs about beauty standard. As you know that most Thai people tend to have white and yellow skin and it cannot be denied that in Thai society, white skin is often seen as beautiful skin and looks healthier than dark skin. As a result, the value of buying a lot of skin whitening products is used. However, some manufacturers are not socially responsible in any way. As a result, there are oversupply of poor-quality products in the market and these products have many hidden hazardous substances. If they are used regularly or used a lot at a time, they may make the skin thin and cause the capillaries around the face to break until it becomes vascular melasma as well.

Understandard skin care

Currently, there are many products in the skin care category and there are many that contain mercury, ammonia and steroids as ingredients. If it is used continuously for about 1 year, it can cause our face to get vascular melasma.

Vascular melasma problem and female hormones

Vascular melasma is another type of melasma that is most common among women, especially during the menopause or during the menopausal period, which will cause the body to change until abnormal symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, breast pain, or getting vascular melasma on the face. However, if there is such a problem, you should consult a dermatologist to treat properly because the treatment of vascular melasma that is caused by different causes, may use different treating methods.

Dont want to get vascular melasma! How should I protect my skin?

As mentioned above, vascular melasma often occur on the cheekbones and nose bridge, which is an area that is easily affected by sunlight. Therefore, you should protect your skin with an effective sunscreen and avoid periods with intense sunlight. If this cannot be avoided, you should always carry sunscreen with you. In addition, choosing an improper birth control method may be another factor that causes vascular melasma on our faces. Therefore, you should consult dermatologist to find the most effective combination of treatment methods.

When I get it, how can I treat vascular melasma?

When you get vascular melasma, it can be treated in a variety of methods, depending on whether how severe or how big the melasma is. Treatment must be done in a way that is appropriate for that severity.

Vascular melasma treatment can be done as followed:

    • Stop using creams or skincare that contain substances that may cause melasma.
    • Build a protective barrier for your skin by using sunscreen regularly.
    • Use creams or skincare only to treat melasma (should choose a reliable cream or under the advice of a doctor), to make melasma look faded.

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