Ulthera Adjust Slim Face and Face Frame.

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Innovation for skin lifting, facial contouring, a new personal style with Ultherapy SPT or Ulthera program

Sending energy down to the SMAS or superficial layers for surgical operations by using high frequency of sound waves is specific and precise, because the skin layer can be seen immediately while doing it. With sound wave energy, MFU-V (Microfocused ultrasound with visualization) that can deliver energy waves deep under the skin that we want exactly to the point to stimulate the muscles to be more plumped, the skin looks tighter and firmer, and also helps reduce wrinkles, including sagging skin can be done on both the face and neck area.

What does Ulthera help?

  • Help lift up and tighten the face, adjust the shape of the face to look more slender and create a clear, dimensional face frame without surgery,
  • Solve the problem of falling eyebrows, eyelids or ptosis including sagging cheeks to be more concise.
  • Helps reduce wattle and double chin.
  • Tighten pores and make your face smoother.
  • Help to adjust the facial structure and solve the problem of uneven face shape

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