Treating Sun Spots

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Treating sun spots

One of the most annoying skin problems for women, it would be ‘melasma’, especially ‘sun spots’, because sun spots often make the skin that used to be bright, become dull with brown spots that look obvious and make us lose confidence. Getting to know more about sun spots is another way that we can prevent and reduce the rate of getting sun spots, including choosing the right treatment and self care method, making it possible to reveal beautiful skin more confidently as well. ‘Sun spot’ is caused by the skin producing too much pigment, causing the skin in that area to have dark brown to black marks, and tend to increase in volume gradually until it becomes a bulge or a cluster. Mostly, sun spot is found in middle-aged women aged around 30-40 years old. The main factors that stimulate sun spot such as exposure to UV rays in sunlight, taking birth control pills, hormonal changes during menstruation or while pregnant as well as entering menopause period, use of cosmetics or some kind of cream that has the effect of stimulating melanin pigment under the skin and heredity. However, people with dark skin often get sun spot more easily than those with light skin.


Area that can easily find sun spots

    • Cheekbones
    • Over lips
    • Chin
    • Forehead

Popular sun spots treatment

In fact, it is very difficult to cure sun spots, but with technology nowadays, it can make the sun spots fade more easily, but after treatment, patients also need to take care of themselves to decrease the rate of recurrence and make sun spots treatment more effective. Romrawin Clinic has, therefore, designed the NU PICO BY ENLIGHTEN program, which is a treatment for sun spots without causing the skin to heat, don’t risk of getting skin burn, safe and has high efficiency. Many people may wonder that in the past we may have heard or have seen many methods for treating melasma, no matter it is peeling skin or applying cream.

Romrawin Clinic recommend laser treatment method?
For laser treatment, it is the only way to reduce and effectively solve sun spot problems because applying the cream alone may not be enough, and some creams It can’t penetrate down to the bottom of the skin as deep as a laser. What Thai women cannot avoid is sunlight, therefore, every time you have to go out to face the sun and pollution, Romrawin Clinic recommends that women should apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, wear a hat, use an umbrella, and choose clothes that can effectively protect your skin from the sun, and always keep an eye on yourself. When the sun spots start to appear on the face, don’t wait to get advice from a dermatologist at Romrawin Clinic.

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