Treating Mallorca Acne

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Why do I get mallorca acne? What does it happen from?

With environment, air pollution that surrounds us, is quite affecting our skin. Regardless of gender and age, there may be problems with sensitive facial skin from PM 2.5 dust, which is the cause of skin rash and small pimple rash on our face easier than usual. In some people, there may be redness as well, and eventually becomes inflamed acne.

1. Environment and hot weather
No matter a man or a woman, when you encounter hot environment and weather, it is easier to sweat. Also nowadays, having to wear a mask causes sweat to cling to the face quite a lot and it is difficult to drain out. You have to keep wiping your face, which may risk causing Mallorca acne. Also, fat can also get clogged in the pores more easily, and cause comedone and inflammatory acne in the end. Pimples that arise from hot weather and masks can be alleviated by resting your face in a well-ventilated place or a place where there is no sunlight to disturb your face.

2. Pollution, PM 2.5
In the air, there is a mass of dirt, germs and PM 2.5 spread all over the air. Both dust and car smoke, when they get in contact with our faces, it will result in sweating easily. Pimples will begin to form at the follicles on the face. If it is left for a long time and didn’t get treated, it can cause inflammation easily.


3. Sensitive facial skin
Sensitive skin may be caused because the upper skin is too sensitive, making it ineffective to create skin barrier, especially when it is affected by other factors, such as dust and dirt. So, sensitive skin is weakened. It causes various skin problems such as dry skin, red skin, itchy skin, or it can cause acne blister more easily.

Preventing and treating “Mallorca acne” with 5 methods

    • You should apply sunscreen and choose products that can protect the sun from both UVB and UVA. You should use about 1 knuckle of sunscreen SPF 30 ++ to apply the cream all over the face before leaving your house every time and apply some sunscreen in lower amounts when at home to help protecting delicate skin from dullness, as well as help to slow down the sagging.
    • Cleansing your face is another important factor in taking care of sensitive skin, and don’t letting it be traumatized by rubbing or scrubbing your skin too much. You should wash your face only twice a day, since frequent washing may cause sensitive skin to dry out more easily and risk of being allergic. Also, avoid touching your face during the day if not necessary.
    • After washing your face, using toner or facial cleanser again is necessary to help getting rid of the remaining cosmetic stains on your face effectively. You should use cotton moistened with the solution and gradually and gently wipe your face, and do not wipe or rub too hard.
    • Do not peel, scratch or touch your face too often because dirt on our hands may encourage sensitive skin to be allergic and get acne-prone. You should always wash your hands before touching your face every time.

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