Treating Comedone Acne

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Treating comedone

Comedone is caused by clogging of pores. When the upper skin cells or the scurf layer are shed slowly or abnormally. The oil produced by the sebaceous glands around the hair follicle cannot flow outside, becoming solidify or also known as “comedone”, which if viewed with the naked eye, it can be seen in 2 characteristics, blackhead (open clogged acne) and whitehead (close clogged acne or comedone without a head) Blackhead may look like a comedone that is usually noticeable around the nose that has fat, dead skin cells and clogged hair, that can be seen as small black lines. Sometimes, comedone can be confused with Mallorca acne that look like small granules that often appear in the same area like forehead, which can be separated easily. Mallorca acne tends to increase a lot in the afternoon and evening, and will disappear when you wake up in the morning, because Mallorca acne is often associated with pollution allergies, dust in the air and the external environment. This is different from comedones that are always present, not related to the time of day.

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Comedones can occur anywhere that has pores on the face, such as the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and around the face. The way to solve or treat comedone can be done by avoiding causes and factors that stimulate clogging of the skin, such as cleaning and nourishing the skin incorrectly, removing acne, eating starchy and sugary foods or cow’s milk products, and misuse of drugs such as steroids, etc. In real life, we may not be able to prevent and avoid these problems, we should start treating comedones by ourselves by taking care of our skin so that the skin cell renewal process can occur normally and reduce the production of subcutaneous fat, so that skin doesn’t get clogged and can reduce the number of comedone.

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What should I do when you have to treat comedone by yourself?

Urgent treatment of comedone will help to prevent skin problems that may occur, including inflammatory acne, acne scars and acne holes, which are all difficult to treat and take longer to treat than comedone problem itself. Basic skin care can be done as follows:

1. Regular facial cleansing in the morning and evening or after doing activities that cause excess oil under the skin, such as exercising by clearing out all the cosmetic stains and not scrubbing your skin too harshly or scrubbing your skin too often.

2. Do not try new creams or cosmetics, or change it often without necessity, especially in people with sensitive or acne-prone skin. If it is found that there is an allergic symptom or blockage from any cosmetics should stop using immediately

3. Choose skin care products to suit your facial skin type, focusing on oil-free formulas and formulas for people who easily get comedone. (non-comedogenic)

4. During the day, do not touch your face unnecessarily and avoid picking or pressing acne yourself.

5. Choose to apply acne medication in the acne-clogging group by studying how to use and side effects in detail.


When should I go to see dermatologist to treat comedone?

When the basic self-care mentioned above is not enough to cause comedone to disappear or take longer to see results, seeing a dermatologist for medical procedures can help acne breakouts go away quickly without having inflammatory acne problems or various acne scars that follow, and also able to control the side effects that may arise from long-term acne treatments.


What is the procedure of treating comedone at Romrawin Clinic and what do I have to do?

Initially, the dermatologist will do history taking and examining skin to find out the causes and factors, that cause comedone or make comedone worse in each person. For sustainable treatment results, the patients can be involved in the selection of treating methods together.


Medical procedures for the treatment of comedone

1. Press acne with a special device that is sterile to get rid of comedone that appear by causing the least acne scars to follow

2. Treatment for treating acne to effectively push acne medication down under the skin.

3. Laser to close pores and tighten the upper layer of the skin, making skin less oily or laser that helps in treating acne scars.


Dermatologist will make an appointment with patient to see results of the treatment approximately 1-2 weeks after the first treatment, and plan the treatment together with the patient along with provision of drugs and products that contribute to the treatment of acne, depending on the problem in each case
It can be seen that preventing comedone, seems like an easy thing, but it’s difficult to do. Therefore, knowing our skin type and taking care of it properly is important to keep us away from acne problems as well. Consulting with an experienced dermatologist to take care of your skin exactly at Romrawin Clinic in every branch.

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