Treating Acne Scar

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Treating acne scar

How to treat acne scar effectively?

Acne problem is normal thing that can happen to anyone and can be treated, but one thing that should be careful from having acne problems, is the problem of acne scar, which will occur after choosing the wrong acne treatment method. Therefore, in order to prevent acne scar, we should take care and maintain the skin properly to reduce the risk and prevent the occurrence of acne holes. Although, this problem is difficult to solve, but it can be treated.


Acne that is the reason in resulting in acne scar

If anyone is having problems with Mallorca acne or acne caused by allergies, although, this type of acne does not cause acne scar, it should not be neglected. You must hurry and take care of it early, but if it is comedone, large pimple or large pus acne, we must be prepared and take good care of it, because these acnes are inflammatory acnes, which leave acne scars after healed.

Reasons of facial acne scar

Acne scars or scars caused by acne may look like a small hole, rough, not smooth or in extreme cases, the tissue in the area where acne is inflamed, will collapse and become a puddle of acne holes. Since inflamed acne contains both bacteria and pus, this inflammatory process causes enzymes to attack the skin. As a result, collagen and tissue are destroyed. If the pimple is not large, it will leave a small scar. If the pimple is large, the acne hole may go deep into the inner layer of the skin and subsequently introduce fibrosis. This usually happens in the case of people with large pimples. The best scar treatment is treatment from the beginning. At first, fascia in the area is still not very tough, so the treatment will be very easy.


Preventing acne scar occurance

      • Continuous application of acne treatment to cure acne quickly and prevent new acne from occurring.
      • Treating by pressing acne, should be done by a dermatologist to remove comedone, but should not squeeze or pick acne by yourself, because there may be re-infection in that area and cause black marks or scars. In the case of very inflamed acne, dermatologist may inject corticosteroids into the position where the acne is inflamed. It will help acne to collapse.

Acne scar treatment

Every times, before treating acne scars, it is necessary to know how severe the acne scars that occur, is first, because if there is a slight problem, it can be treated with topical medication, that contain vitamin A and AHA acids. However, it should not be used in large amounts or too concentrated, because it may cause skin irritation, burning or itching on the skin, or receive facial treatments with treatment to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.


But if there are many problems until that medication or treatment can’t help, dermatologist also has an innovation to help treating acne scars. The principle is removing fascia under the skin, then stimulate collagen to rejuvenate the skin. The result is shallow or faded acne scars, however no matter how severe or small the acne holes are, they cannot be 100% treated.

      • Acne scar treatment laser able to treat all 3 types of acne scars, but need to recuperate the skin for a long time and should avoid sunlight, because the skin is dull and wrinkled more easily than usual.
      • Fraxel Laser is a laser that has very small particles to stimulate new cell regeneration and shed skin cells to be smoother. It is a laser that may feel a little painful. It should be done about 4-5 times in continuously to see the results.
      • eMatrix Laser is a machine that uses Fractional Radiofrequency technology or segmented radio waves. Nowadays, it is commonly used to adjust the skin to treat scar, acne scar, acne hole, wrinkle and large pore.
      • Fractional Laser is a treatment for the skin part by part by using very small laser beams, shooting into the skin to stimulate the skin to repair itself and create new, stronger skin to replace the original skin. It works well in solving the problem of acne hole, acne scar, large pore and uneven skin.
      • Applying TCA acid, which the acid used may have a concentration of 50%, 70% and 100% by applying this type of acid on the acne scar. It must be done by a dermatologist or a person with expertise only, because if you are not careful or use it incorrectly, you may get bigger acne scar. The period to see results is about 6 months.
      • Filler injections. Treating acne scars by injecting filler is the introduction of hyaluronic acid injected to fill acne scars to make the skin look fuller, which will see the result that the acne hole looks shallower by 30-70% immediately after injection. The disadvantage is that it is a substance that deteriorates by itself, 1 injection can last about 6 months to 1 year. It is suitable for treating acne scars; rolling scar and box scar.

Treating “acne scars” can use many methods together to treat and may require multiple treatments, which depends on the type of acne scar. Anyone who wants to treat shallow acne scars, should consult a dermatologist or specialist clinic in order to be properly treated. In addition, acne should be prevented from occurring repeatedly because “acne” is the cause of acne scars.


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