Treat Acne Scar With Fractional Laser

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Fractional Laser, acne solution innovation

Everyone wants to have a clear face, but if you have oily skin problems, don’t maintain cleanliness or pollution that encourages acne to erupt. Again, it still leaves acne scars for you to see. Don’t worry, because Romrawin Clinic has dermatologists with experience in dermatology. There is a way to treat acne scars by laser. But first we need to know the type of acne scars first.

  • Rolling Scar, acne scars that look like a concave basin. It is shallow and responds better to treatment than other types of acne scars.

  • Box Car Scar, acne scars have clear boundaries. It is similar to the pond of medium level. It is a type of acne scar that is quite difficult to treat.

  • Ice Pick Scar narrow but deep pit marks. It is a type of acne that is difficult to treat, because the problem is quite deep.

It may take more times.
Passing energy through a beam of small particles down under the skin can shed old skin cells that deteriorate, stimulate the skin to create collagen, and regenerate new skin cells without damaging the skin layer. It adjust the skin to be smoother and clearer, and make the skin stronger as well

✅ Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.
✅ Tighten pores.
✅ Reduce scars and acne scars.
✅ Reduce wrinkles.
✅ Reveal new skin cells, smooth and radiant skin.

*Say goodbye to..not smooth face, trial price starts! 9,900 baht*

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