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Say good bye to fat thigh, reduce thigh fat and hard to remove fat

One of the popular problem of people nowadays, other than taking care of facial skin, there is also a matter of body shape and proportion that must be taken care of together, but now those problems may have surpassed facial skin, since the advancement of technology that we can choose to eat anything by just clicking to order from your mobile phone in less than 15 minutes, and delicious food will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Because of the convenience, the problem of fat accumulation, overweight, including those who are obese, are increasing in number every year. The problem of fat accumulation in any part is not wanted. In addition to the risk of disease, it also doesn’t look beautiful, if you let fat accumulate until you are very overweight. It will be very difficult to find clothes to wear in order to disguise the flabby belly or big thighs. If you can’t reduce your diet or change your eating habits, what alternatives are there to help breaking down fat in the body, especially the thigh fat, which is difficult to get rid.

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Accumulating fat and cellurite in thigh area. How to remove thigh fat?

In addition to the accumulated fat that makes our thighs already big, there is also another type of cellulite or fat that can often be found on the thighs and hips, causing the skin to look dimpled like orange peel skin. Effectively dissolving thigh fat, how are fat and cellulite the same or different?

    • Thigh fat, in most cases, is a matter of heredity of different shapes. If we observe people with a relatively large lower body, shaped like a pear. When fat accumulates, most of the fat will accumulate in the hips and thighs. The accumulation of fat can occur from eating too much and lack of exercise.
    • Cellulite or orange peel. When fat accumulates too much, blood vessels that nourish fat cells and abnormal waste driving, will cause the capture of fat cells to become swollen masses, causing fascia to cover and poor blood circulation. There is a brace of the connective tissue, as well as collagen and elastin  are lack of elasticity, letting us see the skin as a wave and not smooth skin like orange peel. The cause of cellulite, besides excessive fat accumulation, are also hormones, stress, eating too many high-fat foods and desserts. The important thing is lack of exercise.

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Remove thigh fat. Remove fat with coolness, Coolsculpting program.

The best way to reduce fat accumulation is to control your diet, including regular exercise, at least 3-4 days a week, but when wanting to lose fat in specific areas like breaking down thigh fat which is a difficult point to get rid of, it may have to rely on technology for a bit. There are many technologies for dissolving thigh fat, but the technology that has become very popular in recent years is the removal of fat by coldness or Coolsculpting program, which was developed by a team of dermatologists from Harvard University that uses a cold transmission of -11 degrees to freeze and kill fat cells. When fat cells die, they are eliminated from the body by natural processes.

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Fat removal with coolness, Applicator, specifically for thigh fat removal.

Because of accumulating fat around the thighs is another point that is difficult to break down, therefore, there are designing specific Applicator that is used for dissolving outer thigh fat and specific applicator that is used for dissolving inner thigh fat. Sending cold air at the freezing point of -11 degrees will cause the fat cells to harden and die, known as apoptosis. Cell death is a natural process of the body. It is this principle that dermatologists have developed and used in cold fat removal by reducing the number of fat cells, causing some fat cells to die in the form of apoptosis, and then the body will eliminate them in a natural process through the lymphatic system or the process of eliminating waste from the body, resulting in a smaller proportion and more compact shape. Fat burning program, Coolsculpting, can break down thigh fat in just 35 minutes, the fat is reduced by 25% in just 1 session. You will begin to see results after about 3-4 weeks and the results will gradually improve.


Is removing thigh fat with coolness dangerous?

Fat dissolving with cold -11 degrees is a temperature that has been invented to help the fat cells under the skin to harden and finally died. Then, it will then be eliminated from the body through natural processes. Thigh fat removal with negative coolness by the Coolsculpting program, which has a Cool Control system that calculates and controls the release of energy appropriately and consistently for the efficiently remove fat with the Freeze Detec system that protects the upper layer of the skin and prevents the risk of skin damage. The cold energy will only affect the fat cells under the skin layer, therefore ensuring safety.

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