Temporal Filler Injection

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What is temporal filler injection??

It is an procedure that helps adjust face shape by injecting hyaluronic acid or HA around the temples. Then, the cheekbones will gradually collapse, resulting in a sweeter face and slenderer. There are also beliefs about face shape and feng shui, which is a personal belief. But overall, adjusting the face according to the principle of good physiognomy, it is often to fix the problematic part as well. To please other who see the face, there are many parts of the face, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, as well as the forehead and temples. If they are plumped and beautiful according to belief, If it’s a woman, it is guaranteed to be happy and get a rich husband. For problems about the shallow temples, try rubbing or touching it with your hand. If it is a basin or dent, try to observe yourself in the mirror, you will see a concave side and not full. Solution is to fill this part by temporal filler injection.




What is the cause of shallow temple?

Shallow temples can be caused by several factors, as follwed:

      • From heredity, the structure of the skull shape is different for each person. If it is found that the side has a dimple or a basin, some people may have a deep hole, because the inner muscles are smaller and flatter than other areas, causing the temples to collapse, look shallow and not full.
      • When the age increases, in addition to the collagen under the skin layer and flexibility of elastin fibers are reduced, the structure of the skin collapses. or descend and make a dimple.
      • It is caused by the extraction of multiple molar teeth. Chewing patterns change. Both the jaw and temporal muscles work less. It may shrink and cause the part of the temple to form a sunken mark or dent.


Who is temporal filler injection suitable for?

      • Those who have problems with rapid weight loss, causing the face muscles to collapse.
      • Those who have obvious cheekbone problems which causes the temples to look shallow and the face is not bright.
      • People who receive facialfiller injectionsmay also need to get temporal filler injection in order for the results to be complete and better.
      • Those who have problems with collapsed and shallowed temple from increasing age, and want to solve the problem of sagging skin in the lower area from pulling the skin up against gravity.


Benefit of temporal filler injection

      • Help adjust the face shape. Fill the collapsed temples to make them fuller and firmer.
      • Helps to make the face bright, hydrated, not shabby or looking too old.
      • Since the temporal area is close to the important point, substances used for injection are therefore safe, because it is a substance that can be dissolved naturally
      • It can fix the shallow temple without surgery and recuperate for a long time. You can continue your normal life.


Suggestion before temporal filler injection

      • Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking, including activities that get your blood pumping for 24 hours.
      • Should study the information of the place where the temporal filler injection service is received. It must be a standardized clinic to reduce the risk of encountering fake fillers or inexperienced physicians.
      • Observe reviews from service places to verify that the location is real and can actually solve the temple problem.
      • Refrain from all kinds of skin cell exfoliants. If taking drug regularly, you should inform the doctor every time before injecting the temples.


Suggestion after temporal filler injection

      • If there is pain, you should take the medicine prescribed by your doctor to reduce swelling.
      • If red swelling is found, don’t worry as this is normal, which will disappear by itself within 2 weeks
      • Avoid activities that require prolonged exposure to heat for at least 2 days to prevent the filler from dissolving.
      • Refrain from hot laser treatment to the skin layer for 1 month in order to stabilize the filler and last longer.
      • Drinking lots of water can help prolong the results so that the temporal filler injection lasts longer.




Frequently asked question about temporal filler injection
Is temporal filler injection dangerous?

For the safety of temporal fillers injection, it depends on the experience and technique of the doctor, including the fillers used in the treatment. If not injected at the point or injected in a risky position, blood clots may occur, so fillers should be injected in a standardized place. Choose to use fillers that are genuine. Having medical team with experience and high technique in filler injection will help to reduce the risk of danger.


How many cc of filler is needed for temporal filler injection?

There are many models and brands of fillers to be injected in the temporal area, depending on the problem condition, skin condition, and will be evaluated by the treating physician. How to choose a filler that gives the longest results? It will help the temples to be beautiful for a long time. In addition, you need to choose a filler that is suitable for injecting deep layers of the temples. It has good resistance to shifting force because the temporal area moves often.

      • Temporal filler injection The genuine filler has to be hyaluronic acid, which is the same synthetic subsatnce that the body has naturally. Benefit of temporal filler injection with HA or hyaluronic acid is that there is no complicated steps, no surgery needed and no recuperation needed. The results will only last about 12-18 months, however it depends on the type of filler that dermatologist use and the dermatologist needs to be experienced and expertise.
      • Fill your temples with your own fat. The most popular use of excess fat is to bring excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, and hips by using liposuction to pass through the process of separating only good fat cells to fill the temporal or desired area. The fat added sometimes may not stick and is likely to be dissolved easily. Filling the temples with own fat may need time to recuperate from the liposuction process, and there is a chance of getting bruised.


How much is temporal filler injection?

Using fillers to reduce wrinkles, reduce deep grooves, and adjust the face shape to be in proportion. It all depends on the problem and the type of filler used. Nowadays, there are several types of fillers used, which have different molecules and purpose of use. Choosing the right type of filler for the problem will help the result to look natural. Where is the best filler injection? It is very important to choose both the place of service and the experience of the injecting doctor.


Why inject temporal filler at Romrawin Clinic?

      • The doctor has experience and expertise in injections, and is a medical professor teaching at a national institute.
      • Every box of filler is genuine and can be verified from the FDA.
      • Only use unique technique invented by Romrawin Clinic.
      • New technical and technical training is always available.
      • Received a guaranteed award for injecting fillers consecutively every year

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