HIFU Reduce Wattle. Adjust The Face Frame.

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HIFU lifting program, up to 3 layers

Super HIFU is a solution for those who want a V-shaped face. With lifting innovation that gives visible results right after the first service. It is not painful and does not require recuperation to get firm skin, a clear and V-shaped face, reduce wattle, stimulate collagen function, and rearrange elastin for new skin. It introduces smooth skin and reduces grooves. With micro–Ultrasound Focus releases a small precise frequency under the skin deep to 1.3 mm. It reduces fat and lifts the skin in the SMAS layer, which efficiently lifts skin, and with a special technique by a dermatologist, the result is also clearer. Also, it gives you a brighter face, changing you into a new person in a better version.

Famous area for SUPER HIFU

💥 Around the face

💥 Wattle

💥 Neck


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