Blemish Injection, Starting From 2,000 Baht

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Don’t let “blemishes” be a problem. Blemish injections start at only 2,000 baht.

Have you got melasma yet? Check your face before the blemish escalates!
Melasma is caused by the skin that has too much melanin or pigment. causing the skin in that area to become a brown mark. It usually occurs in areas that are easily exposed to sunlight.

How to spot blemishes step 1

  • 🌞 Cheek bones
  • 🌞 Upper lip
  • 🌞 Forehead
  • 🌞 Chin

Be aware of the blemishes! It can be treated!
There are many types of melasma like blemishes caused by the sun, blemishes from veins, deep blemishes or shallow blemishes. Analyzing blemishes correctly and planning the treatment properly will make the treatment more effective.

✨ Blemish injection and glowing face, starting from 2,000 baht

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