Nasolabial Filler Injection

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What is nasolabial filler injection??

Deep cheek grooves caused by loss of collagen under the skin and the lack of flexibility of elastin. When the age increases, the structure of the skin collapse from the area under the eyes. In patients with many problems, there may be bone atrophy and some bone mass is missing. Therefore, the correction must be adjusted from the structure of the skin around the cheeks. Replenishes lost bone mass or fat layers to lift the skin in conjunction with cheek filler injection to fill It will make the face look lifted and the deep cheek grooves look shallower.

For patients who have a lot of sagging problems, there may be use of tools to lift the skin, such as Ultherapy technology that goes deep into the skin layer in the muscle fascia layer. That helps tighten skin and stimulate collagen, rejuvenate each skin layer and makes the skin look smoother.


What does cheek groove problems start from??

Cheek grooves problem can occur with increasing age, which looks like a sagging skin from the nose down to the corner of the mouth which can be easily observed and seen. For the cause of the cheek groove problem, it is caused by the loss of collagen under the skin and the resilience of elastin fibers that gradually decreased by increasing age. There are also various factors from the outside that is a stimulus, including air pollution, sunlight, and smiling faces or laughing often, can also cause deep cheek grooves.

Such problems will be indicative of age and it can cause many people to feel troubling or lack of confidence. The formation of deep cheek grooves can be divided into deep grooves caused by the folds of the skin in that area. This can be corrected by injecting fillers into the nasolabial folds. Some people may have problems with sagging and not firm skin. The skin structure collapses. There are need to use the tools that help tighten the skin or step by step to solve the problem.




Who does nasolabial filler injection suitable for?

      • Those who have deep cheek grooves due to increasing age.
      • Those who have facial problems that are older than the age from the cheeks even at a young age and lack of confidence.
      • Those who have problems with filler injections to correct sagging cheeks but the deep cheek groove did not disappear.
      • Those who want to correct sagging skin and deep grooves on the skin without surgery.
      • People who want to solve the problem of deep nasolabial folds surgery without surgery.


Benefits of nasolabial filler injection

      • Help for anti-aging and look younger.
      • Help fill the cheek groove to look shallow, and lift the face to look more even.
      • Helps stimulate collagen production and moisturize the skin after filler injection.
      • Help reduce wrinkles around the cheeks to be firm.
      • Results can be seen immediately after the filler injection, and see clear results within 7-14 days.
      • Fillers used for filler injections are safe, and are approved.
      • Leave no scars and do not need to recuperate for a long time.
      • Fillers can decompose on their own without leaving any residue inside.


Suggestion before nasolabial filler injection

      • Study the information and check the information of the service place or clinic that you are recieving the service from. There are clear reviews.
      • Study information about filler types and models that are suitable for the symptoms or as assessed by a dermatologist for best results
      • Before injection, you must verify that the filler used is genuine by asking the doctor to unpack the box in front of you.
      • Injectable nasolabial filler should be performed by an experienced dermatologist.
      • Learn how to take care of yourself after injecting filler into the cheek grooves.


Suggestion after nasolabial filler injection

      • Refrain from wearing makeup or applying foundation for 1-2 days after injection.
      • Refrain from strenuous exercise after injecting filler into the cheek grooves or doing outdoor activities that require exposure to sunlight because redness may occur.
      • Do not peel, scratch, or act vigorously in injected cheek grooves area because it may affect the filler to move or displace.
      • Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking
      • Drink enough water, especially in the first 4 days after injection, to allow the filler to retain and absorb water.
      • For 2 weeks after injection, refrain from contact with warm or hot water at the injection site, and from steam baths, saunas, laser treatments or RF treatments. After 2 weeks, other treatments can be performed as usual.
      • Refrain from taking warm baths or hot water, doing lasers, saunas, but can do other treatments because it may cause the filler to dissolve faster than usual.



Frequently asked question about nasolabial filler injection

    • Is nasolabial filler injecttion dangerous?
      • Although injecting fillers in the cheek grooves is a popular wrinkle reduction procedure, but there are risks when injected into a vein. and may lead to ischemic skin tissue or necrosis especially the skin close to the base of the nose, because it is the area where the blood vessels branch out in two ways and these veins are quite shallow. Therefore, it is recommended to inject shallowly with a sharp needle around the skin close to the base of the nose. or injected by a dermatologist with special techniques.
    • Is it good to get nasolabial filler injection? How many does it swell?
      • Nasolabial filler injection by using hyaluronic acid or HA, a substance that mimics nature in the body. The use of this type of HA to fill wrinkles or deep trenches are considered safe because it can decompose naturally. Normally, there will be a slight swelling after filler injection. It depends on the skin condition of each individual. The results will last for about 12-18 months depending on the type of filler used.
    • Where should I get nasolabial filler injection?
      • You must choose to use the service at a service place or aesthetic clinic that is clean, has standards, has a dermatologist who has experience in injecting fillers, and choose to use genuine fillers that are safe for clear results and looks good naturally.


How much is nasolabial filler injection?

The price of filler injection depends on the type of filler and the amount of filler used, and that depends on individual problems. You can consult about the problem of deep cheek grooves at Romrawin Clinic in order to have a confidently beautiful smile without deep cheek grooves to worry about.


Why should I get nasolabial injection at Romrawin Clinic?

      • The dermatologist has experience and expertise in injections, and is a medical professor teaching at a national institute.
      • Every box of filler is genuine and able to be verified from the FDA.
      • Only use unique technique invented by Romrawin Clinic.
      • New technical and technical training is always available.
      • Received a guaranteed award for injecting fillers consecutively every year


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