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What is mouth filler injection?

Hyaluronic acid, or known as filler, is a natural imitated substance in the body. It has the ability to hold water and moisturize the skin. Normally, our body will lose hyaluronic acid when age increase like collagen, causing our skin to look dehydrated and flaky. Filler injection will increase volume, fill up grooves and wrinkles, hydrate skin, adjust face shape for appropriate proportion and make us look younger. Normally, filler can deteriorate naturally in 12-18 monthes, depending to type of filler used.


Who is mouth filler injection suitable for?

      • People with thin lips and want to have thick, plumped lips that look hydrated and healthy.
      • People with dry and chapped lips. You need to apply lipstick to moisturize all the time.
      • Those who have problems with the lack of collagen lips or have wrinkles around the lips easily.
      • Those who have problems with asymmetrical mouth shape and there is a need to adjust the shape of the mouth to match the face shape.
      • People who want to have a beautiful mouth shape without surgery or recuperating for a long time.


Benefits of mouth filler injection??

      • Helps the lips look plumped, hydrated, and give natural-looking results.
      • Help reduce wrinkles around the lips to fade away with hyaluronic acid filler.
      • Can see clear results and quickly within 15 minutes.
      • Have high security, because it is the use of synthetic hyaluronic acid fillers that imitate natural substances that can break down on their own without leaving any residue inside the body.
      • There is no need to waste time recuperating for a long time. You can use daily life as usual.

Suggestion before mouth filler injection?

      • Should refrain from taking all kinds of vitamins 1-2 weeks before the mouth filler injection.
      • Avoid alcohol for 1-3 weeks.
      • In order for the results after mouth filler injection to be plumped and look natural, you should choose a quality filler with certified brand and injected with a doctor who has experience in injecting fillers directly.
      • Choose an aesthetic clinic that is standardized, reliable and has real results reviews, and study information about filler injections to understand it first all the time.
      • Get enough rest.


Suggestion after mouth filler injection?

      • Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages and hot drinks because it may cause the filler to disintegrate easily or swelling and inflammation can occur.
      • Refrain from doing anything around the lips that are vigorous in order not to lose the shape of the mouth.
      • Drink plenty of water to increase the efficiency of the filler, because it will make the filler fluffy and last longer.
      • Does not peel or pull the lip skin because it destroys the skin. It makes the skin retain less water and moisture.



Frequently asked questions in mouth filler injection

    • Is mouth filler injection dangerous??
      • Nowadays, the trend of mouth filler injections is not only popular among westerners. In Asian people, mouth filler injection is becoming more popular. The trend for plumped lips like westerners, including lip injections to increase moisture, reduce wrinkles, make the face look younger, it is also becoming more and more popular. The choice of type or molecular size of the filler is very important to make the lip texture look smooth and natural and reduce the chance of clumpy mouth filler injections. Mouth filler injections also depend on the technique and experience of the injecting physician.


    • How much is mouth filler injection?
      • For mouth filler injection, the price of mouth fillers depends on the type and amount of fillers used. Mostly, it is used about 1 cc to avoid swelling after the procedure. However, the amount of filler used depends on the problem and the discretion of the physician. For self-care after mouth filler injections, it is recommended to avoid sipping or drinking hot water and eating hot food in order not to disturb the persistence of the filler according to the type of filler. In addition, you can use daily life as usual. Filler injections will last for about 12-18 months, depending on the type of filler used.


    • How many days does mouth filler injection cause?
      • The most common side effect of mouth filler injections is swelling of the lips, which may be very swollen in the first 3-5 days, and will gradually collapse. Swelling after mouth filler injection can happen according to the amount of filler injected and the doctor’s technique as well. As for the bruising from the injection, there is a chance that it can be found, however it also depends on the skin condition of the individual as well. Other dangers that can be found include the formation of a blood clot, which will result in swelling that increases immediately during injection. This can cause pain and subsequent bruising, but it will disappear by itself in 1-2 weeks.


    • Does mouth filler injection become lumpy?
      • The cause of lumpy mouth filler injections has many factors, which if it is a lump at first after the injection and gradually improves, it is a normal swelling that occurs after the filler injection. But if the mouth is hard and have pain or inflammation, it may be because the service place does not pass the standard, fake fillers are used or the doctor has inappropriate experience in injecting and selecting fillers. As a result, it can cause side effects such as swelling as a lump.

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Why get mouth filler injection at Romrawin Clinic?

      • The doctor has experience and expertise in injections, and is a medical professor teaching at a national institute.
      • Every box of filler is genuine and can be verified from the FDA.
      • Only use unique technique invented by Romrawin Clinic.
      • New technical and technical training is always available.
      • Received a guaranteed award for injecting fillers consecutively every year.


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