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“Moustache removal laser”

Usually, beards are a natural occurrencev like other areas of hair, but it is more common among young men than women. For women who have a mustache that grows to be more noticeable, it can be caused by a variety of reasons, for example:

      • It is caused by genetics inherited from ancestors.
      • It is caused by the adrenal glands producing the hormone testosterone or too much male hormones until causing the female hormones in the body to change.
      • It is caused by taking certain medications such as hair loss treatment pills and birth control pills. They are all factors that cause beards to grow more often among women as well.
      • It is caused by hormonal abnormalities in the body. It may cause the body to develop multiple ovarian cysts. As a result, women with this disease tend to have more hair and mustache than others. It also causes irregular menstruation and have other symptoms as well, such as skin problems, overweight and diabetes.


Can shaving cause acne or not?

Shaving is another method that young men and women who want to have a smooth and clean face choose to use because it is easy, convenient, economical, but after shaving is complete. and while the mustache is growing up, it may cause our skin to get irritated pores until it may be the cause of inflammatory acne.


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Shaving like this is considered ‘wrong’, risking your face to be damaged without knowing it.

      • Not preparing skin before shaving
      • Shaving against the hairline
      • Razor blades are not sharp enough
      • Not using shaving cream
      • Repeatedly shave the same area several times
      • Not applying aftershave after shaving


Mustache removal laser stop annoying problems and reveal clear skin without dullness.

Another method for mustache removal that is very popular and Romrawin Clinic would like to recommend to everyone, is the mustache removal laser with YAG Laser, which is a laser that is highly safe. It does not harm sensitive skin areas. It sends a wave of energy down to the root of the moustache hairs. Then, this energy causes the hairs to shrink. Each time of mustache removal laser, about 20-30% of the moustache can be removed depending on the condition of each person’s hair. Male moustache removal laser may be more difficult for women. If you want to see long-term results, you should complete the course 5-8 times or as recommended by an experienced doctor. In addition to making the face hairless, it also helps to reveal clear skin without dark circles!


How do you prepare before moustache removal laser?
      • Avoid plucking, shaving or waxing the mustache for 3-4 weeks before getting the mustache removal laser service.
      • Avoid scrubbing your skin. or scrub the mustache area
      • Should refrain from using soaps, chemicals and creams that irritate the skin.
      • Avoid exposure to intense sunlight for the 6 weeks prior to the laser mustache treatment. because it will result in less efficiency or results fromกำจัดขนด้วยเลเซอร์hair removal laser.


How to look after yourself after moustache removal laser treatment?
      • If the area where the mustache laser is not inflamed or blistered, then makeup or cream can be applied as usual.
      • Within the first 24 hours, the moustache removal area laser should not be exposed to water, but if the wound touches the water, it should be dried with cotton or clean cloth.
      • Refrain from sun exposure for about 1-2 weeks and should apply sunscreen every day.
      • Refrain from activities that use heat for 2-3 days.


Is it true that moustache removal laser at Romrawin Clinic is not that painful?

At present, mustache removal laser treatment is very popular, and the technology itself is constantly evolving as well. This is for the efficiency of treatment, because hair removal that occurs on the face or mustache is an area that is particularly sensitive. Mustache removal laser treatment at Romrawin Clinic is a laser, called Gentle Yag, that can remove hair from all areas gently. It is safe and feel comfortable while doing it. The energy is transmitted down to the root of the hairs and destroy the hair follicles without creating a mustache again. It can be done for all skin colors. It also has a Cryogen cooling system, which is a cold vapor to help regulate skin temperature while soothing and not burning.

However, if the service recipient is concerned about the pain, he/she able to apply anesthetic before receiving the service. It will make the skin feel more comfortable after completing the Gentle Yag or mustache removal laser. It will not cause any wounds. You can do activities as usual, but the skin may have a reddish tinge for about 30 minutes and then the marks will gradually fade away. This is an effective moustache removal method and very worthwhile.


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