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What is lifting Botox injection?

Lifting Botox injection is an extract from a type of bacteria that has been used for a long time in the medical and aesthetic industry as you already know In terms of being injected to reduce wrinkles by temporarily inhibiting the activity of neuromuscular neurotransmitters. When the muscles can’t work or move, the folds and wrinkles look faded. Botox injection will focus on controlling muscles’ function that you want for lifting Botox injection. It will be an injection to relax the muscles in the part that the face is sagging. When the muscles relax, the muscles that support or lift the face will work better and make the face look lifted. Face frame looks clearer and look younger naturally.


For saggy facial skin, should I choose lifting Botox injection or lifting with machine?

Saggy facial skin problems can occur during aging by losing of natural collagen and the elasticity of elastin under the skin, elastin. These two proteins is like a skin structure that supports and holds the muscles. When the skin structure changes, you will start to notice that skin is starting to have thin wrinkles until it becomes a deep groove and lack of firmness. The skin is unable to spring or maintain its shape like before, causing the face to become sagging in the end. Facial lifting technology has been continuously developed to stimulate the increase of collagen under the skin layer including techniques for injecting the skin with botulinum toxin or lifting Botox injection to make the skin lift and tighten or lift up.




Who is lifting Botox injection suitable for?

    • Suitable for those who have sagging face problems and want to have a slender face, which lifting Botox injection can help to adjust for slender face shape because it tightens the facial skin more firmly.
    • Suitable for those who want to have a clear face frame.
    • Suitable for those who have round face problems.


Benefits of lifting Botox injection

    • It helps to tighten the skin around the face to look firmer and slenderer without surgery.
    • If lifting Botox injection is combined with jaw Botox injection, it will help to see better results.
    • It can be injected repeatedly and be harmless. Also, it gives long results, depending on the problem and the amount of drug used.


Suggestion before lifting Botox injection

    • Refrain from taking supplements, vitamin E and fish oil. If anyone has regular medication, they should inform the doctor first every time.
    • Choose an aesthetic clinic and study the information about the injection thoroughly for safety and clear results.
    • Study how to verify that the drug is genuine first every time. While receiving the service, the dermatologist should have the medicine mixed in front of you.
    • Check your body to make sure every time that you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding.
    • Refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking before receiving the nasolabial Botox injection service to reduce the pumping of blood and reduce the movement of the substance to other locations.


Suggestion after lifting Botox injection

    • Avoid lying down for 3-4 hours.
    • Avoid sauna, hot yoga or laser treatment for 2 weeks.
    • Do not press or massage your face vigorously at injection site.
    • Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking for 2 weeks after injection. If unable to do so, refrain for at least 2 days.


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Frequently asked question about lifting Botox injection

Q : How many days for lifting Botox injection show result?
A : Wrinkle Botox injection to reduce wrinkles. Wrinkle Botox injection to adjust the face shape and lifting Botox injection start to see results after about 5-7 days of injection, depending on the problem, which will begin to feel that the face is tighter. The part of the face frame began to be clearer.
A : Botox injection’s result can last about 4-6 months. How many units of face lift is needed? The amount used in Botox injection is referred to as a unit. With the injection of each area, the number of units used depends on the problem and the nature of the muscles, such as Botox injection to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, or lifting Botox injection. The muscle bundle is a small muscle on the face, but the jaw Botox injection will be a bigger bundle, so it use more quantity.

Q : Is lifting Botox injection dangerous?
A : No matter where you inject Botox, studying information and understanding the procedure is important. In order to be prepared with possible side effects, most important is that the service must use genuine product to reduce the risk of drug resistance and ineffective Botox injection. This point of consideration is something that must not be ignored.

Q : Is lifting Botox injection good? Is it better than lifting with technology?
A : In fact, it may depend on individual problems, needs, and the dermatologist’s experience to choose to use skin lifting technology use lifting Botox injection to solve problems. However, in some patients who have a lot of problems, dermatologist may choose to use lifting method or lifting with both methods for the best treatment efficiency.


How can I lift my skin?

    • There are many ways of lifting to restore firmness to the skin because sagging makes us look old and it is a troubling problem that many people are worried about.
    • Currently, lifting massager in the market is very popular. It is a home use machine or use it by yourself at home. It may be a light wavelength that can only stimulate a little or the results are only temporary and must be done often.
    • Nowadays, in the medical field, many lifting technologies have been developed, such as Ultherapy or radiofrequency (RF) lifting, which transmits heat into the collagen layer of the skin to stimulate the creation of more collagen and causes the elastin fibers to shrink and tighten, making the skin lift up, reduce wrinkles and smooth skin. Lifting skin using this method, the results will gradually be fully visible in 1 month and mostly, it will last around 1 year, depending on the individual problem.
    • Lifting Botox injection is another popular technique for those who want to focus on the face frame to look clearer. Lifting Botox injection will help to force the direction of the small muscles around the face to reduce sagging skin, making the face to lift up. The advantages of lifting Botox injection is that you will start to see the results after 1 week.


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