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“Legs hair removal laser”

Want to wear a short skirt or shorts to show off beautiful legs, but not confident because of “leg hair”, a problem that is troubling for girls, including young men who want to show their smooth skin without leg hair. Previous leg hair removal, for example, shaving and waxing the legs are popular, but nowadays there is another option that will allow you to show off your legs with confidence. Hairless legs to grind to a beautiful pair of legs, that is “legs hair removal laser”.


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Doing legs hair removal laser

Current leg laser hair removal is the top choice of leg hair removal due to convenience. When the leg hairs are removed, it can be done so that leg hairs don’t come back again. It is also the removal of leg hairs from the source. This makes the trend of selecting legs hair removal by laser very popular. By laser hair removal, this will use laser energy to get rid of hair by using a laser to transmit heat energy down to the hair root with high security. It didn’t take long to do and make the leg hairs gradually thinner noticeably.


How does legs hair removal with YAG laser different from other types?

There is not only one type of laser that can be used to remove hair, but the latest technology of laser hair removal at the moment is Nd YAG or Yag Laser. It is a widely accepted hair removal technology which is a laser hair removal technology that makes hair disappear effectively. Yag Laser has a beam length of 1064 nm (nm). This type of leg hair removal laser will not bind to the pigment like other laser hair removal in the past, giving a low chance to burn skin or burns from laser hair removal. It is gentle. It is a laser hair removal that is highly safe. and can effectively remove hair


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How many time does legs hair removal laser need to be done?

Hair removal with Nd YAG Laser for good performance, should receive the service continuously 5-8 times. If you do not do it continuously, it will cause the results of the laser hair removal treatment to be less effective or not as good as it should be.


Why has to do legs hair removal laser at Romrawin Clinic?

For those of you who have decided to choose the method of hair removal with laser hair removal, in addition to considering the laser and technology used, you should consider choosing to receive hair removal services with experts. At Romrawin Clinic, we choose to use Yag Laser hair removal technology and also have experienced people as consultants and service providers for good hair removal results.


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