Laser Whole Bikini Removal Remove Hair In Every Area

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Laser Hair Removal :
Permanent hair removal laser. It introduces no pain, no heat, revealing smooth skin. no problem with ingrown hairs.

For hair removal laser, the laser light transmits heat energy to the hair follicle, which will not affect the skin and cause no pain in the area where the laser is being applied. Also, with Gentle Yag innovation that has a Cryogen system that releases cold vapor through the upper skin layer during laser treatment or in some areas, an anesthetic will be applied before the procedure to make the patient feel comfortable on the skin. It does not hurt when doing laser as many people think, and in addition, hair removal laser does not cause wounds, but in some areas where the laser is performed, the skin may have a pinkish red mark that lasts for about 30 minutes and will gradually fade away.

Gentle Yag, gentle hair removal laser

✨Shoot deep to the hair roots

✨Suitable for all skin types

✨Safe, no risk of burning skin

✨Smooth skin, reduce ingrown hair problems

✨US FDA Approved

For permanent hair removal results, it is recommended to take care continuously 5-8 times.
Hair removal by a specialist in every case about Laser Hair Removal must be Romrawin only.

No worries about pubic hair problems

Regardless of the season, you can say goodbye to the annoying hair problem and say goodbye to traditional hair removal methods that may cause burning, itching, irritation, and ingrown hair problems with ‘Bikini Hair Removal Laser’. Gently remove hair with the best laser hair removal from Romrawin Clinic that will help to remove hair from the bikini area easily by shooting a laser ‘Gentle YAG’, a popular hair removal technology and wide acceptance that hair removal can be removed safely by passing heat directly into the hair follicle area. It is ready to soothe the skin with the Cryogen system that helps by coolness, helping your skin to cool and relax while receiving the service, and be more confident with a guarantee from the US FDA that it is safe for all skin types.
*This price doesn’t include anesthetic price, 300 baht.

1.Trial price reserved for the first trial only.
2.If you find that you have already used your rights, an additional payment will be made at the normal price specified upon receiving the service.

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