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What is jaw Botox injection?

The trend of having small faces, slender faces, or V-shaped face is still the beauty of the face and the most popular proportion. The problem of big face and big jaw has become the top problem of adjusting the face’s shape. For large and round face problem, other than having cumulated fat in cheeks area, having large jaw muscles make the face look square. Jaw Botox injection is one of the methods to reduce the size of the jaw muscles and helps adjust the face shape to look slender and smaller.

Jaw Botox injection is a Type A injection to temporarily inhibit the function of the jaw muscles. When the muscles are not used heavily or often, it will result in the jaw muscles becoming smaller. If the dermatologist has a specific technique, jaw Botox injection can also adjust the V-shape face, making the face look slimmer as well. which is called this technique “Facial Lifting Botox” injection. In addition, Botox injection also helps the contracted muscles to relax, so wrinkles look faded and shallower, resulting in smooth skin.


What is the reason for large jaw?

Normally, people have large jaw from 2 reasons:

      • Large jaw that formed from bone, makes your face look square. If you want to reduce the size of your jaw, the only thing that can be done is cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of the jaw bone.
      • Large jaw that formed from muscle, causes by hereditary. The jaw muscles are large and can use jaw Botox injection to reduce the size of the jaw muscles.


Who is jaw Botox injection suitable for?

      • People with large jaw muscles that does not suit their faces.
      • People who have difficulty chewing food because the size of the jaw is too big.
      • People who want to have a V-shaped face.


Benefits of jaw Botox injection

      • It helps to reduce the work of the muscles in the jaw area and make the jaw size smaller, which results can be seen clearly.
      • It helps to adjust the face shape to look more slender.
      • There is no need for surgery and no wounds to worry about as well as do not need to recuperate for a long time. You can use daily life as usual
      • Genuine drug is safe and gets approved from the Food Authority (FDA) of foreign and domestic countries Nowadays it is very popular.


Suggestion before jaw Botox injection

      • Check the service place every time before receiving the Botox injection every time. The dermatologist must have experience and use genuine drugs.
      • Refrain from taking all kinds of painkillers and supplements because it may result in bleeding. If anyone has a regular medication, they should inform the doctor every time before receiving treatment.
      • Before every injection, you should had the doctor mix the medicine in front of you and observed every time that the medicine used was authentic.
      • Study about jaw Botox injection every time including how to check genuine Botox and fake Botox.


Suggestion after jaw Botox injection

      • You should chew gum or clenched your teeth after injection and slowly exercise the muscles for 30 minutes to allow the drug to be distributed and absorbed by the body as much as possible.
      • Refrain from chewing hard food or too sticky to reduce the stimulation of the jaw muscles for 2 weeks after jaw Botox injection.
      • Refrain from drinking all kinds of alcohol and smoking for 2 weeks after the injection.
      • Refrain from all types of hot activities or activities that cause redness, such as saunas or excessive exercise for 3 days after the jaw injection.
      • Refrain from hot laser treatment for 2 weeks.
      • Do not lie down, as the blood flow may move the medication to other locations.
      • Creams and cosmetics can be applied normally 2 weeks after the injection.



Frequently asked question about jaw Botox injection

Q : Is jaw Botox injection dangerous?
A : Jaw Botox injections are not dangerous if aesthetic clinic use genuine medicines that can decompose naturally. No residue left inside the body. So, caution is to choose a clinic that has standards, including having experienced doctors that able to analyze the problems and injecting technique. Choosing a suitable brand for the problem should be based on suitability.

Q : How can jaw Botox injection help to reduce jaw muscles size?
A : Drugs used in jaw Botox injection is a popular substance that is widely used in the clinic. This substance can temporarily reduce the activities of the muscles. After the muscles stop moving, wrinkles will gradually fade, making the skin look smooth. However, jaw Botox injection is a method to adjust the face shape by inhibiting the function of the jaw muscles. Large jaw, which make the face look square, will gradually smaller accordingly.

Q : When can result of jaw botox injection be seen and how long does it last?
A: The results of jaw Botox injection will take longer than Botox injection in other areas because the muscles are quite large. Results can started to be seen in about 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of each person’s muscles that are different, including the amount of drug used to inject. Usually, the results can last up to 4 – 6 months.

Q : If I want slim face, is jaw Botox injection alone enough?
A : Problems with large jaws, aside from the jaw muscles or the jawbone that makes the face look square, sometimes it may be caused by fat accumulation around the cheeks. Some people have a lot of fat accumulated on their cheeks, resulting in a round face. Adjusting facial shape by injecting fat at birth or laser treatment to tighten the skin in conjunction with jaw Botox injection will help to adjust the face shape to be more proportionate.

Q : Where should I get jaw Botox injection?
A : It must be a place where genuine substances are used for jaw Botox Currently, there are many brands to choose from. Choosing a service for jaw Botox injection must be chosen to use services at establishments that are reliable, including the experience of doctors with techniques that help the results come out clearly and safely.

Q : Thread lift vs jaw Botox
A : Both procedures can help to slim the face but which method to choose depends on the patient’s problem and the doctor’s assessment. Jaw Botox injection inhibits the function of the muscles to be smaller, while thread lift, which is lifting, mainly fix sagging skin but it can also lift the face to be firmer to add a clear face frame. Jaw Botox injection and thread lift can be done together for better results.


Why should I get jaw Botox injection at Romrawin Clinic?

      • Dermatologists have experience in injections and able to treat problems on the spot and provide safe service to every customer.
      • Every box of substances injected are genuine and able to be verified from the FDA.
      • The doctor has a unique technique invented by Romrawin Clinic only.
      • There is academic training and new techniques for treatment that always gives better results.

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