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Forehead wrinkling or raising an eyebrow is one expression of emotion. Forehead wrinkles tend to occur when we express our emotions, but have you ever noticed that some people have wrinkles on their forehead all the time, while some people have no wrinkles or only few wrinkles and can be clearly seen only when emotions are expressed. This is because forehead wrinkles are located in the center of the face and are usually quite noticeable. It is often one of the skin problems that show aging, causing quite a bit of concern for both women and men. One of the most popular wrinkle reduction methods is forehead Botox injection, which result of the treatment can be seen quite quickly. It is a method of reducing wrinkles that has become increasingly popular.


What is forehead Botox injection?

Forehead wrinkle is often a deep wrinkle or furrow that shows up quite clearly. Prevention or preliminary reduction of wrinkles can be done by avoiding the causes of wrinkles such as UV rays, and stress. Resting, drinking enough water, and applying nourishing cream and sun protection products will prevent wrinkles as well, but when there is a problem, one of the most popular wrinkle reduction methods is forehead Botox injection. Forehead Botox injection will be an injection to reduce wrinkles, which is a substance known and used in aesthetic industry. It temporarily inhibits the function of the muscles, causing wrinkles and deep grooves to reduce, and the skin to look smoother.


What are the reasons of forehead wrinkle?

    • When age increases, the structure of the skin changes, collagen decreases, elastin deteriorates, lacking elasticity and cause deep wrinkles.
    • The UV rays in sunlight are the culprits. UVA rays penetrate clothing and skin to destroy collagen under the skin layer, including various pollutions that stimulate the skin to get wrinkle faster.
    • Stress and hard work affect the emotional state. Sometimes, it causes facial expressions unconsciously, such as raising eyebrows or frowning, and often causes wrinkles and deep grooves.
    • Does not get enough rest. It affects the skin greatly, making the skin look dull, lack of moisture and cause wrinkles easily.
    • For people who have weak eye muscles, other muscles have to help to open the eyes fully, especially the muscles in the forehead and cause wrinkles easily.


Who is forehead Botox injection?

    • Suitable for those who clearly have wrinkles on the forehead. Even without showing a facial expression.
    • Suitable for those who have wrinkles on the forehead and the outer corners of the eyes when smiling or speaking.
    • Suitable for people who have a habit of frowning or raising their eyebrows when speaking.


Benefits of forehead Botox njection

    • It doesn’t take long to heal. Forehead wrinkles are visibly reduced and slow down new wrinkles
    • It builds confidence and allow you to show off your beautiful forehead to the fullest.
    • If the dermatologist has injection techniques, forehead Botox injection can help to reduce wrinkles around the eyes.
    • When showing facial expression, there will be no annoying wrinkles.


Suggestion before forehead Botox injection

    • Refrain from taking medicines or vitamins that make it difficult to stop bleeding for 1-2 days before the forehead Botox injection.
    • Refrain from alcohol and cigarettes
    • Refrain from eating fermented food, pickled food or all kinds of allergic food.


Suggestion after forehead botox injection

    • After completing the forehead Botox injection, move your face 1-2 times to make the drug spread the most effectively.
    • You should receive continuous injection according to the appropriate period, which should be at least 3 months apart, in order to make the performance of Botox last longer
    • Avoid lying down for at least 3 hours to reduce the spread of the drug to other unwanted areas.
    • Refrain from activities that are exposed to heat or result in red face such as sauna, laser or strenuous exercise for 2 weeks after injection.
    • Avoid foods that are prone to inflammation, such as alcoholic beverages, spicy foods, or fermented foods, and refrain from smoking at least 2 weeks after injection.




Frequently asked question about forehead Botox injection

Q : Is forehead Botox injection dangerous?
A : For those who are concerned about the safety of forehead Botox injections, this area is a point close to the important points, especially the eyes and nerves, and to be on the safe side, this procedure should be followed.
A : Choose a standardized, reliable and clean clinic, that located in a crowded spot. There must be reviews from service users.
A : Choose to treat with experienced dermatologists, who can assess the problem and inject it on the spot, as well as choose the amount of medication. If not injected at the point, the result may not be effective or it can last for a short time.
A : Make sure that the substance used to inject is authentic and study how to check genuineness to be able to inspect before injection.

Q : How many days to see forehead Botox injection’s result and how long does it last?
A : Forehead Botox injection will begin to feel that skin become tighter after about 3-5 days of injection, and the full effect will be seen in about 1-2 weeks after the injection. Forehead Botox injection will reduce movement of muscles. When we want to express emotions, the skin on the forehead will has less the movement, which reduce wrinkles on the forehead and skin looks smoother. Results after forehead Botox injection will last for about 4-6 months. If the wrinkles are very deep, continuous forehead Botox injection will help wrinkles or those deep grooves to fade. Sometimes, using technology that stimulates collagen production under the skin, will make the results of reducing wrinkles around the forehead more effective.

Q : Does forehead Botox injection have side effect?
A : Headaches can occur in some people, because after the injection, you will feel a tightness on your forehead. If it is too tight, you may feel a headache, which is a temporary symptom. In some cases, after the injection, there may be a headache or a lot of stiffness around the forehead, which is a temporary symptom that will disappear on its own. If your forehead feels too tight or feels not used to it, don’t be worried. Within 2 weeks, you will feel more natural. It is only a temporary symptom, which if treated with a doctor who has enough technique and experience, you don’t have to worry about anything. Each person or problem will have different encountering characteristics.


How much is forehead Botox injection?

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