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Remove facial fat an cheek at for smaller and slimmer faceสลาย

Trends are constantly changing. due to social and technological developments, creating new trends continuously, no matter it’s art, fashion or even beauty trends, has changed with the times. The trend of skin color from very popular white skin has changed to healthy and rosy skin to the skin, which is tanned and cured in the sun, looks like a sporty girl. Even V shaped face become a trend with beautiful sharp face frames, but no matter what the trend is, the popularity of the face shape still likes a face that is proportional, small and slender. Removing excess facial fat that is excessive, or adjusting face shape helps us to have the face in the way we want.

What are the reasons for large or wide face?

    • Fat accumulation around the face. The problem of fat accumulation around the face can be caused by eating too much food. When the weight increases, it can be noticed that our face shape will also change according to the increasing proportion. In addition to excess fat, some people still have a round face and big cheeks from heredity. Method to remove facial fat or remove cheek fat that is one of the most popular, is fat removal injection or as we know as Meso Fat.
    • Big jaw and big face. Another point that makes our face look big is the part of the jaw that is widen from heredity, differences in each person. If the face is flabby because the jaw muscles are large, the jaw can be injected to reduce the size of the muscles, but if it’s big because of the bone, it may need surgery.
    • Sagging and not firmed. When we get older, the structure of the facial skin changes due to the loss of collagen under the skin and elastin fibers lacking flexibility, causing sagging face and jaw line will disappear. It makes us look older. As you get older, you start to lose bone mass, causing the skin structure to collapse and the skin will sag until becoming a wattle or double chin.


4 solutions for big face, remove facial fat and adjust for slimmer face

    • Losing weight is a great way to see results because when the weight is reduced, excess fat will gradually disappear as well, no matter it is fat accumulation in the abdomen, thighs, and the fat that accumulates on the face will be reduced, making the face look slimmer.
    • Meso Fat injections to dissolve fat in specific areas, is another very popular method. It is the use of natural extracts that has the ability to break down fat under the skin, so that the body can use and burn more. Fat dissolving injections on the face and back may be slightly swollen, and must be done continuously at least 3-5 times, depending on the amount of fat existed.
    • Skin tightening, RF waves, unipolar radio frequency technology with specificity causing the collagen and elastin spiral to shrink, including stimulating collagen production. Heat generated can also help to break down fat under the skin, making the face shrink, look more slender, reduce wrinkles. smoothen skin and tighten it up.
    • Coolsculpting, reducing double chin and removing fat on the face, is another technology for people who have problems with fat accumulation around the chin area or the area that is sorted under the neck. It can be caused by weight gain, introducing accumulated fat together with sagging skin. Using a freezing point of -11 degrees will freeze fat cells and cause fat cells to die, and was eliminated. Double layer of fat or under the chin, which is thinner, is a facial fat reduction with cold technology that has become increasingly popular.


How Coolsculpting remove facial fat?

The invention of a technology that uses a freezing point – 11 degrees, which was invented by a team of dermatologists from Harvard University. The cold is passed down under the skin, specifically to the subcutaneous fat layer. The upper skin and surrounding tissues are protected from damage. The cold causes the fat cells to harden. and finally died. Then, it will be eliminated by the body through a natural process with a specific Applicator that is used to dissolve facial fat, area under the chin or double chin. This is another area on the face that tends to accumulate fat. The small applicator is designed to fit the face, making it possible to break down facial fat efficiently. It can also be used to break down fat in other areas that are small spots in the body as well. Coolsculpting program dissolve facial fat and fat under the chin, reducing fat without surgery and don’t waste time recuperating. You will start to see results about 3-4 weeks and feel that your face is smaller and look firmer.


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