Coolsculpting Specific Fat Removal

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Fat Freezing by Coolsculpting
Special just 8,900 baht/Cycle

Fat dissolving innovation with -11 degree cold, besides popular fat dissolving around the abdomen, thighs or arms, but also wattle neck or double chin. It is another point where fat can be dissolved with cold Fat Freezing.

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✔️ Fat Freezing is a technology to dissolving fat by freezing at the freezing point to minus 11 degrees Celsius. In 1 session, it takes only 35 minutes to reduce the number of fat cells up to 25 percent.

✔️ It can be done in a variety of areas, no matter it’s the abdomen, under the chin, arms, legs, knees, hips, etc.

✔️ After Fat Freezing, there is no scar, not wavy skin and able to do other activities immediately.

✔️ Romrawin Clinic has every head of Full Applicator to design the shape according to your specific needs.

✔️ The genuine product has received US FDA standards from the United States. It can be used to break down fat in specific parts as well.????

Special! Fat Freezing by CoolSculpting jujst 8,900 baht/Cycle

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