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What is chin filler injection?

Many people probably have heard of the term, Golden Ratio, which is the ratio of the beauty of many things, whether pictures, architecture, as a mathematical ratio that can measure beauty, even the proportions of the face. For example, famous actresses like Angelina Jolie have perfectly proportioned faces, whether it is the width of the forehead, nose, the position of the eyes, cheeks that correspond to the length of the chin.

So, a face like this It has become the face of many people’s dreams. For people who have problems with face shape that is not proportional, other than injecting Botox into the jaw to make the face look slimmer, some people may have problems with the shape of the chin. The face that they want to adjust to look smaller, still doesn’t look as slender as you wish. The solution to the problem of a short chin is a chin augmentation surgery or for those who don’t want to do surgery, there is another method that is popular called chin filler injection.


Who is chin filler injection suitable for?

      • Those who have misshapen chin and want to adjust the facial structure to be proportionate without surgery.
      • Those who have a short chin problem and round face, chin filler injection will help to make the chin look longer and slender.
      • Those who have a cut chin problem. The chin area looks flat as if it was cut and makes the face frame look square and not sweet. After injecting filler, it will make the face look proportionated.
      • Those who have a dimpled chin The appearance of the tip of the chin collapsed into a pit or groove.
      • Those who have the problem of receding chin, which is the appearance of the chin that is not asymmetrical. When viewed from above, it makes the mouth hang.Fillerswill make the chin look more dimensional.


Benefits of chin filler injection

      • Helps to adjust the facial structure to look more symmetrical and build confidence for people who have had chin problems.
      • You can see results immediately after injection, which make the chin look good and more dimensional.
      • After chin filler injection, there is no need to recuperate and have no scar like chin surgery.
      • Provide natural-looking results and not dangerous because the fillers used are highly safe. It can decompose naturally and do not leave any residue.


Suggestion before chin filler injection

      • Refrain from drugs such as warfarin, aspirin or NSAIDs that affect blood coagulation. If you are taking it, inform your doctor every time.
      • If you have had chin or face surgery before, inform the doctor before injecting.
      • People with congenital disease, food allergies, or any kind of drug allergies must inform the doctor before proceeding.
      • Refrain from taking all kinds of vitamin supplements for at least 1 week.


Suggestion after chin filler injection

      • After injecting, you should cold compresses for at least 10 minutes every hour, but should not use ice for compressing.
      • Relieve bruises and swelling by applying medication as recommended by the doctor.
      • If there is pain, you can take paracetamol to relieve symptoms.
      • Refrain from massaging the face to prevent the filler from spreading to other areas.
      • Refrain from cosmetics containing AHA and vitamin C at least 1-2 days after the chin filler injection.
      • Avoid sunlight or activities that require exposure to heat for a long time.



Frequently asked question in chin filler injection

Is chin filler injection dangerous??

      • The use of fillers or HA substances that mimic the same nature as the body is safe. Fillers produced from HA substances can be dissolved naturally without residue, and not solid lumps. The results of fillers will last for about 12-18 months, depending on the type of filler and duration of results may vary from person to person. Filler injections must only be performed by an experienced dermatologist and should choose to use the service in a reliable service place for safe and natural results.


Where should I get chin filler injection? How much is chin filler injection?

      • Chin filler injection price and amount of filler used depend on how much the problem is. For those who have very short chin problems, less chin texture or receding chin, to create a chin shape that matches the proportions of the face, it is necessary to use a large amount of filler. But for some people who have a slight problem, the amount of filler used is less. Chin filler injections at Romrawin Clinic are performed by experienced doctors. You can consult more about designing and adjusting your face shape.


How to deal with lumped chin filler injection?

      • After chin filler injection, if there is a lump of filler, swelling or inflammation, which may be caused by the wrong filler injection technique or inject fillers that are not up to standard and make the substance to pile up into lumps. This problem can be treated with dissolving filler injections. This must be done by a dermatologist with expertise and experience only for safety during treatment.


Is chin filler injection good or should I choose to do chin surgery?

      • For those who have the problem of face shape that is not proportional, plastic surgery is another option that will make us look good. It helps to increase confidence in another way, but injecting chin filler or injecting fillers to fill and adjust the facial shape in other areas will have the advantage that the results can be seen after the procedure. Filler injections do not require recovery time and do not cause any surgical wound. How many days does the chin filler injection really swell? After filler injection, there may be some slight swelling. depending on the injection site and amount of filler used. Chin filler injection, therefore, is suitable for people who do not want surgery, do not have time, or someone who wants to have chin augmentation surgery, but still not sure about the shape that matches the face. Chin fillers can be injected first.


Why should I get chin filler injection at รRomrawin Clinic?

      • The dermatologist has experience and expertise in injections and is a medical professor teaching at a national institute.
      • Every box of filler is genuine and is able to be verified from the FDA.
      • Only use unique technique invented by Romrawin Clinic.
      • New technique and technical training is always available.
      • Received a guaranteed award for injecting fillers consecutively every year.

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