Bikini Hair Removal Laser

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Bikini hair removal laser

The annoying hair problem is not just armpit hair. One of the most popular laser hair removal areas is bikini laser hair removal. For hair removal in the intimate area, it’s not just satisfying the beauty when wearing a bikini to show off your beautiful body, but bikini hair removal laser can also help reduce stuffiness as well. It is very easy to clean for women, thus making laser hair removal on intimate area, becomes as popular as other areas.

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How many methods are there for bikini hair removal laser?

For hairs in intimate area, there are 2 types of bikini laser hair removal methods:

      • Removal of hair after bikini line or excess hair around the thong area is to remove some excess hair only in areas beyond the bikini line, not all hair removal.
      • Whole bikini hair removal is total hair removal.




Bikini hair removal
How does bikini hair removal laser better than other methods?

Choosing the hair removal, it can be done in several ways, such as waxing or shaving, including bikini laser hair removal. Each method can remove hair differently. The hair waxing, in addition to hurting, it is unable to remove hair from the root. As for shaving, although it’s not painful, it can remove hair only on the upper skin area and must constantly shave. and the hair that grows is likely to cause ingrown hair problems. It may be the source of itching and inflammation of the hair follicle. As for the bikini laser hair removal method, it is the most popular method today, because it can remove hair deep into the pores. It can be eliminated up to the hair follicle level, causing the hair not to grow back again and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. In addition, laser hair removal is gentler and less painful than waxing. Bikini hair removal laser. therefore, is the first method of hair removal.

How does bikini hair removal laser work?

At Romrawin Clinic, Yag Laser is used for hair removal. Yag Laser is the latest technology used for hair removal, and popular and widespread acceptance, because it has high hair removal efficiency and does not bind to the pigment, which will not cause burns like other laser technologies. The working principle of Yag Laser is to transmit heat to the hair follicles with a wavelength of 1064 nm. It can go down 7 millimeters under the skin. This Yag Laser will send heat energy down to bind to the cells around the hair shaft and hair follicle to make the hair cells smaller and eventually disappeared, causing effective hair removal.




Other than choosing technology method for hair removal, what should be considered?

Bikini hair removal doesn’t just consider the laser technology used alone, because bikini hair removal laser has other factors that affect the results as well, such as the density of hair in the area to be removed, skin color intensity and hair intensity. Choosing hair removal with a clinic that has people who have experience in hair removal, is another factor to consider. At Romrawin Clinic, bikini hair removal is handled by experienced hair removal professionals, which provides hair removal services for a long time, and can consider choosing the energy level that is suitable for each person to make the results of bikini hair removal effective.

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