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“Armpits hair removal laser”

There are many different ways to remove armpit hair or the underarm area like waxing, plucking and shaving, but there is another method that can quickly remove armpit hair and has gained immense popularity. It is to do armpits hair removal laser.

People who used to use other methods of armpit hair removal, may be have some hesitation in choosing to do armpit hair laser treatment due to fear of pain or may have heard from others that it may cause the delicate armpit skin to become inflamed. Today, Romrawin Clinic will come to answer questions about armpits hair removal laser. How does it work? Also, preparation before doing If you are ready, let’s see how.



Main principle of laser

Armpit hair removal laser is the shooting of laser energy to attach to the hair pigment called melanin, which such energy may cause the skin to feel a little warm and hot. Afterwards, the energy will bind to the hair follicle, which will not affect the armpits skin at all, but during the treatment, you may feel warm, or some may feel like getting hit by rubber band softly. The hair follicle will absorb the heat energy from the laser. Then, there will be atrophy and the hair will eventually be destroyed. The armpit hair removal laser will cause the cells to be unable to create new hairs to replace in long term.


Care after armpits hair removal laser

In some cases, after armpit laser hair removal, the skin may become red and inflamed for about 15-30 minutes, then the marks will gradually fade away. After armpits hair removal laser, the skin under the arms is especially sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid intense sunlight and avoid using chemicals in the area for about 1 week, in order for the skin to recover.


How many time should armpits hair removal laser be done and how frequently??

If you want the armpit hair to disappear permanently, it should be done at least 5-8 times, depending on the individual and each time should be 3-4 weeks apart.


Can armpits hair removal laser at Romrawin Clinic is really permanent?

Armpits hair removal laser at Romrawin Clinic is also a hair removal process. A type of laser called YAG Laser, which is a laser that is guaranteed to be safe and can effectively remove hair when we shoot this laser. Energy waves will destroy the hair follicles. This causes hair roots to weaken and fall off. The new hairs that grow back will become softer and thinner continuously when done about 5-8 times, thus making it possible to permanently remove armpit hair, but it also depends on the individual.


Have dont armpits hair removal laser at many places, but hair is still growing. What should I do?

Doing armpit hair removal laser, but the hair does not disappear, depends on many of factors. The main common factor usually arises from the hair growth cycle of each person and inexperience of service providers which may have improperly adjusted energy intensity. The hairs are not destroyed by the process itself.




Things you should know before decide to do armpits hair removal laser at Romrawin Clinic
      • Before receiving armpit laser hair removal service at Romrawin Clinic, you should let the hair length be about 1-2 millimeters for the best laser efficiency.
      • The YAG Laser at Romrawin Clinic is most suitable for black hair.
      • YAG Laser treatment for people with dark skin, will take longer than those with fair skin.
      • In addition to doing armpits hair removal laser will help to boost confidence, it also helps our armpits to look whiter, smoother and brighter.
      • YAG Laser treatment should be performed about 4 – 5 times at intervals of 4 – 6 weeks with approximately 80 – 90 percent effective results.

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