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What is Acclear?

4 skin care techniques

 Who is Acclear suitable for?

Pre- and post- skincare method

End acne problem with Ac Clear I program!!
What is Ac Clear I program?

Romrawin Clinic believes that ‘acne problem’ is probably another skin problem that annoys many people, because the cause of acne is not only caused by external factors, but there are also internal factors, no matter it’s heredity or hormones. It’s inevitably involved, causing many people to give up on acne treatment and thought that there would be no chance to keep the face, smooth and clear without acne as before. Today, Romrawin Clinic will introduce the ‘AC CLEAR l’ program, a program that will help to clear all acne problems with 4 steps that are awesome! Do it and your face won’t be damaged as usual!


Ac Clear I program
Treating technique and solving acne problems with 4 all-in-1 skincare technique
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    • Step 1
      Clear your face completely by pressing out all clogged acne, which if left it like that, it may become the cause of inflammatory acne in the future! Treatment by pressing and injecting acne must be done by a dermatologist, who has experience in beauty, because the treatment of clogged acne will depend on the technique and expertise of a dermatologist in order for the dermatologist to evaluate and press the clogged acne. If it is not pressed well or done in the wrong way, the chance of new inflamed acne will increase.
    • Step 2Acne injections by experienced dermatologists to reduce the inflammation of old acne and reduce the occurrence of new acne is an acne treatment technique that is an injection to reduce the inflammation of acne that is erupting. red swelling on our face in order to reduce the already inflamed pimples, swelling and redness faster. Therefore, pressing acne injections with this program is one of the important ways to prevent acne.
    • Step 3
      P-Acne treatment or the process of applying drugs into the skin to reduce inflammation and add vitamins to nourish and moisturize to the outer skin. Acne prevention care program is to kill bacteria of acne by laser shooting with the innovation of modern laser machines as well as helping to reduce the occurrence of bacteria that cause acne and inflamed acne to the point. Laser facial treatment in this program, therefore, can be regarded as the protagonist of preventing acne in the future very well, because the emitted laser energy will work to kill P-acne for the skin and will help reduce the amount of oil production under the surface that causes clogged pores ingeniously.
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    • Step 4
      Mask to revitalize and reduce inflammation, including treating swelling and redness of the skin, soothing and covering the face with a mask to repair skin barrier in the Ac Clear I program, final technique of the program, because of the mask closes the skin after treatment to allow the skin to relax and retain the moisture obtained from the treatment with full efficiency. For choosing a mask in this program, I will choose for sensitive skin. so that our facial skin will be relaxed and soothed at the right point.

Who is Ac Clear I program suitable for?

This acne clearing program is suitable for all those who are concerned about acne and this program is also suitable for those who want to reduce oiliness on their faces or want to preventing new acne in the future as well. It can be seen that this program is not only for people who already have acne, but also suitable for those who do not want to have acne problems in the future as well.

Skin caring method before and after doing Ac Clear I program
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For anyone who is deciding to take care of their skin with the Ac Clear I program but still doesn’t know how to take care of their skin before and after treatment, we have answers, which is easy to prepare for both before and after doing it. It just preparing the facial skin to be strong all the time and avoid exposure to the hot sun to prevent the skin from drying out or if it is necessary to be exposed to the sun, always apply sunscreen to protect it. You can just receive services at all branches of Romrawin Clinic, a clear face without acne is already within reach!


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