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In the era where everything is speeding and first come first serve, we have a way to reduce belly urgently, both safely and do not have to exercise tiringly. For those girls who want to get perfect body shape, you must not miss the urgent belly reduction program, Coolsculpting.

Who doesn’t have an idea yet whether when you’re doing it, where should you focus. Today we have 4 popular points to do Coolsculpting for you. Don’t wait and come to use the service first, then you will have the right to be beautiful first.




Coolsculpting Index

Get to know Coolsculpting, Quick belly reducing

Coolsculpting program is the first choice of fat removal for many people because it can dissolve fat in specific areas to adjust the shape to be more perfect.

Working principle for quickly reduce belly is the use of a freezing point of -10 to -11 degrees Celsius, sent under the skin, causing fat cells to die, called Apoptosis or the death of that cell. It’s a natural process of the body. Sometimes it happens to destroy unnecessary cells or if the cell has an unsuitable environment, exposuring to extreme heat or extreme cold can cause cell death as well.




Quickly reducing belly within just 30 minutes.

This principle is used by dermatologists to remove fat cells by using the cold at a controllable temperature level, causing some fat cells to die in the form of apoptosis, then the body will excrete the dead fat cells and be naturally eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. The remaining fat cells are rearranged, making the fat layer thinner and quickly reduce belly, resulting in a smaller proportion and able to see the curves of the body. Fat Freezing by Coolsculpting program at Romrawin Clinic can get rid of belly fat quickly in just 35 minutes. Fat can be reduced by up to 25% in just 1 session with the following advantages:

      • Use the Cool Control system to increase the efficiency of consistent power control to distribute fat throughout the area.
      • Freeze Detect system, protection system, avoiding the occurrence of burns, so don’t worry, because it’s definitely safe.
      • Applicator head that can remove fat in specific areas, suitable for individual needs who want to design their body shape to be fit and firm in any way.
      • Private treatment room, guaranteeing safety with SHA standards
      • All therapists that are taking care of you, are very experienced. They are ready to take care throughout the service.

Romrawin Clinic’s service is ready to serve in more than 20 branches.




Both reducing belly and firm body. Quickly reduce belly in 4 popular areas!

Coolsculpting that doesn’t hurt, needs no surgery, does not cause open wounds and does not need to recuperate, known as “Non-Invasive”, and also does not destroy cells and other tissues. It is the first and only tool currently proven to effectively reduce body fat and see the best results without surgery for Coolsculpting which are:


✅ Abdomen

It is the most popular first choice because after doing it, the belly will definitely disappear. It is recommended to use the Cool Advantage program that wants to eliminate fat around the abdomen. waist, buttocks, arms, inner legs and chest for men who want to have a firm figure.

✅ Waist

For those who are struggle to lose weight, Cool Advantage Plush is recommended. It can reduce fat accumulating fat in a wide area, such as the abdomen and waist, because the head size is 2 times larger than normal. It is suitable for people with large body size.

✅ Inner thigh

It is the main problem for people who like to exercise, but still can’t reduce the thighs. Cool Smooth Pro can help to solve the problem of people with thighs and hips that are too big, especially the inner and outer thighs. It able to remove fat cells from the first treatment, therefore, making this point a popular.

✅ Back

If you don’t want to have problems wearing a bra and looking fat, we recommend the Cool Mini program, which can be performed in areas where there is little fat, but would like to solve specific problems such as the body on the back. However, you can ask for further recommendation from Romrawin Clinic’s dermatologist on every business day.





Want to lose weight and adjust size with Coolsculpting program

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