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ULTHERA Hyper Personallift X3

Nice and firm face frame, lifting threefold

____ Do you know that collagen production in our skin is less efficient since we are 25 years old, and increasing age is not just only factor that reduce collagen in our skin. UV radiation from sunlight, not enough sleep, stress, and bad diet are also factors for our aging skin.

____ When collagen in skin decreases, aging and slack issues will be presented soon. When you are in your 30s, you will be able to notice changes in skin clearly that it is not as usual. It looks shabby, dull, aged, and not as smooth as it was when you were in your teens. Also, you face shape is changing. It is not as distinct as it used.

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Regenerating collagen to lifting your skin with ULTHERA

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____Ulthera is an innovation to reduce wrinkles and lift skin, that is well known. It is a tool that can stimulate collagen production with high intensity focused ultrasound. It is focus deep under the skin to the layer, called SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System),which is the same layer that surgeon used in lifting surgery.

____This high intensity focused ultrasound will release energy focusing specifically to contract SMAS layer of skin. Skin will look firmed quite a bit immediately after treatment and gradually continue to lift for final result within 2 months.

____Other than this, it can determine position to send energy to other layers of the skin to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen. Result is full, firm, glowing and smooth skin. So, ULTHERA is counted as another effective anti-aging innovation.

Less pain and last longer
with Hyper Personallift X3 technique

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____Many may hear from those who used to get through ULTHERA that it is painful, bearable one, but some say that it is very painful. With this reason, medical team specialized in anti-aging innovation from Romrawin Clinic who deeply understand skin issue, use experience over 20 years to design treatment technique with ULTHERA for less pain and last longer.

____With this special technique, designed by Romrawin’s specialized medical team, we modify way to release energy to reduce pain with this 4 following techniques:

  • Hand weighting technique:
    From experience in using ULTHERA for a long time, it is found that placing transducer with appropriate hand weighting and as close to skin as possible can reduce pain during the treatment even more.
  • Shooting technique and direction in releasing energy:
    Dermatologist will shoot energy in perpendicular with patient’s skin, helping energy to get to the right position. Other than reducing pain, it also reduces chance of getting burn on the skin.
  • Moving transducer technique:
    Is moving of transducer 5 mm. during each energy shooting to prevent too much accumulating energy in the same area. It is to prevent excess accumulating heat to reduce pain and chance to get burn.
  • Changing shooting position technique:
    Other than moving transducer, there is also changing shooting position, when energy is released for 15 Lines as well, to prevent excess accumulating energy in the same area.

Hyper Personallift X3
lifting threefold

____This Hyper Personallift X3 technique, other than being technique to reduce pain for patients, it is also a technique to solve all skin problems. It can fix aging issue in all 3 dimension as followin:

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  • Frame Selection
    firm up face frame issue.
  • Light & Shadow Me
    increase dimension for face to look beautiful from every angle.
  • Conceal Selection
    smoothen skin

____With principle of Hyper Personallift X3 technique is focusing on SMAS layer and Collagen Rich, which is Double Depth shooting with all 3 models of transducer. It send energy SMAS layer to contract tissue to lift up skin, and send energy to Collagen Rich layer, which is skin area that has highest intensity of collagen and is the most suitable to stimulate collagen production, so skin will look full and lifted up the most.

Which areas have high intensity of collagen?

  • Dermis layer :
    This area has high intensity of collagen, elastin and fibroblast, helping important skin layer. It is suitable for lifting upper layer of skin and focusing on regeneration of skin as well.
  • SMAS layer (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) :
    or tissue layer that cover muscles. It is all over the face, forehead, temples, under eyes, cheeks, under chin and neck, which are areas where horizontal collagen covers muscles and suitable for stimulating lifting.

What is advantage of ULTHERA Hyper Personallift X3?

  • See all skin problems clearly:
    With MFU-V (Micro-Focused Ultrasound with Visualization) technology of ULTHERA innovation allow to see screen in real time while doing the treatment. Seeing skin layer while doing treatment, helps to focus energy to SMAS layer and Collagen Rich layer precisely.
  • Personal treatment plan:
    Face of each person has different structure of skin layer, so planning by specialized dermatologist is needed to analyze problem and plan the treatment specifically.
  • Treat all problems direct to the point:
    Lastly, treatment will give a good result or not, safe or not, expertise of dermatology is important. Also, experience in using each type of transducer appropriately to the problem to give the most efficient, safest and last-longest treatment.

S / M / L or XL size of issue can all be solved

____Ulthera Hyper Personallift X3 program can solve all aging problems, because each age range has different skin problem. So, treatment by Ulthera program is needed in an appropriate amount to the problem. More problem needs more treatment. Less problem needs less treatment.

____No matter you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s, you can have nice, firm, full and under age face withUlthera Hyper Personallift X3 program, which can solve all aging problems.

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  • Ulthera S – clear face frame, improve skin condition for 30 or more
    ____30s is the age that starts to have skin problems like not smooth, not bouncy or not flexible as it used, and starts to have wrinkles on face frame. Mainly, skin will look shabby, rough, has large pores, wrinkles, and unclear face frame.
    ____Ulthera S program will help to be anti-aging for those have problem of beginner level. It focuses adjust face frame and lift skin condition back to full and smooth condition for glowing and under age look, which this program will shoot around 200-300 Lines, and for sustainable result, it is suggested to use this program continuously once a year.

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  • Ulthera M – Reduce wattle. Firm face frame and bright eyes for 40 or more
    ____Mainly, 40s will have dark circles problem distinctly from fate layer and disintegration of collagen in under eyes area. Face frame will also look aged clearly until it comes down to wattle.
    ____Ulthera M program will focus on face frame with higher number of lines to get face frame firmer, reduce wattle and regenerate collagen in skin under eyes with special transducer for eyes area to brighten eyes area. Ulthera M program will upgrade from S program a bit, which is about 400-600 lines and for sustainable result, it is suggested to use this program continuously once a year.

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  • Ulthera L – Adjust face frame, reduce wattle, recuperate skin around eyes area and firm up neck for 50 or more
    ____In 50s, aging problems is increased to another level. Around the eyes will look dull and have more wrinkles, which looks shabby, and sagging face frame and wattle, as well as neck skin will look sagging and not firm.
    ____Every problem can be fully solved with Ulthera L program. Fully upsize to focus on every problem. It is shot to adjust face frame, reduce wattle, recuperate skin around eyes area as well as firm up neck skin, which Ulthera L program will shoot around 700-900 lines and for sustainable result, it is suggested to use this program twice a year.

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  • Ulthera XL – Fully solved every problems for 60s or more
    ____60s can still look perfect, if get appropriate treatment from specialized dermatologists. Ulthera XL program is done to the fullest potential to fix all the problems, regenerate collagen all over the face, around the eyes and neck, to regain firm and bouncy skin, as well as recuperate skin back to smooth and glowing condition.
    ____This Ulthera XL program will shoot around 1000-1200 lines and for sustainable result, it is suggested to use this program twice a year.

____ULTHERA Hyper Personallift X3 is a program that assemble many special techniques in using ULTHERA innovation together. It is designed by expert and high experienced dermatologist from Romrawin Clinic, which reduce pain further, give a last-long and effective result, and can solve aging problems from all age range.

____For those who think that they are still young and just get to their 30s, and would it be too fast to do ULTHERA, I must say that the faster you prevent wrinkles and aging problems, the better result you will get.

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