Tattoo Removal

Eyebrows Tattoo Removal Laser

Eyebrows Tattoo Removal Laser

Eyebrows tattooing trend Is one of the innovations that help increase the beauty of the face. The tattoo artist will use a tattoo machine, which has small needles. The artist dip it in the desired ink color and tattoo it on the eyebrows to get the desired shape. However, the durability of the eyebrows tattoo depends on the tattooing technique, the quality of tattoo ink, tattoo artist expertise and characteristics of the tattooed person’s skin. Nowadays, there are many eyebrow tattoo artists. Choosing a tattoo shop is, therefore, something that should be taken into account. Safety and no expertise can cause mistake for eyebrows tattooing and ruin eyebrows. Many girls have to find a way to remove their tattoos, because eyebrow tattoos will stay with you forever. However, don’t panic, because eyebrows tattoo removal laser can help you.




Eyebrows tattoo removal laser, new option to remove eyebrows tattoo

Eyebrows tattoo removal laser technology, NU-PICO un-tattoo at Romrawin Clinic, certified by the FDA in the United States and the Thai FDA. It is considered a new dimension in the eyebrows tattoo removal technology industry. It is a laser that does not leave scars on the face to cause pain anymore. There is also a treatment process that is not difficult as well. Nu Pico Un-Tattoo, eyebrows tattoo removal with Picosecond laser technology. It reduces heat buildup and has no risk of burning skin.

Nowadays, aesthetic technology has progressed a lot, including laser technology used to remove tattoos. It used to use laser energy to convert to heat to go down and catch the pigment or gradually burn those pigments away. This causes ulcers and takes time to recover until the scab peel off. Tattoo removal laser in the past, therefore, takes a long time to heal, because it has to be repeated many times and the treatment results are limited to only dark tattoos.

Nu Pico Un-Tattoo, new Picosecond technology or a new development in laser technology that has a very high speed, which is 1 trillion shot per second. This high-speed transmission will cause enormous pressure that uses the principle of impact on the pigment molecules without causing heat accumulation in a short period of time. These pressures will break the pigment or tattoo into very small molecules. Then, there will be a foreign body force process by white blood cells to easily destroy the pigment molecules. When there is no heat buildup, there is less risk of getting sunburn, the number of treatment sessions is less, and the treatment efficiency is also higher. Nu Pico Un-Tattoo, a new Picosecond technology, besides being adapted to remove tattoos, it also helps reduce the intensity of other pigments such as melasma, freckles, as well as adjusting the skin tone to be even, smoother and more radiant.




Since I want to get eyebrows tattoo removal, which tattoo removal clinic should I choose?

Romrawin Clinic understands the problems that arise from traditional tattoo removal lasers and therefore, has introduced the modern laser technology, NU-PICO Un-Tattoo, a new Picosecond technology, to effectively solve problems during and after the tattoo removal process. How Nu-Pico Un-Tattoo is similar or different from traditional tattoo removal?

It can remove every color of tattoo and treat over all every pigments of color, both in deep and shallow layer.
Picosecond technology offers a wide range of wavelengths. Tattoos can be faded in any color, even those that are difficult to remove and has a wavelength that does not cause scab after treatment.

Positive treating result can be seen since first treatment.
The laser energy is converted to pressure, causing the pigment under the skin to break down into small molecules and can be easily eliminated from the body.

Does not create dark spot.
If tattoos are removed with this method, due to laser energy will be released in a very short time without causing heat buildup, there is no risk of burning skin thus, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation

Low ain.
Important advantage of tattoo removal with NU-PICO Un-Tattoo is low pain.

The dermatologist will apply an anesthetic to help reduce the pain. Therefore, after tattoo removal laser, there is no need to recuperate and can live a normal life.

Tattoo removal with NU-PICO Un-Tattoo laser, a new Picosecond technology, has been approved by the FDA of the United States and the FDA of Thailand, therefore, ensuring safety.


Preparation before getting eyebrow tattoo removal by laser

To remove tattoos with a laser, you should consult an experienced physician, because each tattoo is different, such as the appearance of the pigment that is attached under the skin, pigment depth, tattoo size and the appearance of the skin that is different to the laser treatment. The dermatologist will give advice on how to remove the tattoo as well as evaluating and planning of treatment appropriately. For tattoo removal with the best laser treatment efficiency, Picosecond tattoo removal technology is considered a modern treatment technology. It is to remove tattoos of all colors, different from traditional tattoo removal that can remove only certain colors. 


Taking care of eyebrows after tattoo removal properly

    • If there is swelling, apply cold compresses. (Using cold compress gel) The swelling will disappear by itself in 2-3 days.
      • The treated area should not be exposed to water for at least 1-2 days or until the wound dries.
      • Avoid sunlight in the area where the laser is shot and apply sunscreen every time in order not to cause side effects as black marks from the laser treatment.
      • The cream should be applied to the wound until the scab is off or the wound is healed.

Today. we collect how to remove tattoos and taking care of yourself after tattooing. It can be seen that tattoo removal can be done, but the method that is used must be carefully considered so that you do not have to feel sorry for not using the right method or not using a professional dermatologist, since it may leave scars as souvenir.

Don’t choose a method that doesn’t give you the best results, so you won’t be sorry that the tattoo disappears, but leaves scars on the skin. It can be seen that choosing a tattoo removal method by a dermatologist and using modern technology like Nu Pico Un-Tattoo, helps to solve the problem of damaged eyebrows. Let’s come back to be perfect again!


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