Face Lifting

ULTHERA Hyper Personalift X3


ULTHERA Hyper Personalift X3
Face framelifting three times.

Do you know that collagen production in our skin gradually deteriorate since we are 25 years of age, and not only because of increasing age that collagen in our skin reduce, sunlight UV radiation, not enough sleep, stress and bad nutrition are also reasons for wilted and overaged skin.

When collagen in our skin decreases, aging and sagging problems follow closely. When you 30 and more, you will clearly notice changes in your skin that it becomes shabby, dulled, aged, widen pores and not smooth like teenager. Also, face shape is changing and face frame is not as clear as usual. You can restore collagen for lifting with ULTHERA.



You can restore collagen for lifting with ULTHERA.


Ulthera is anti-aging and lifting technology that is widely known. It is a tool that can stimulate collagen production with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, shooting deep to SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which is the same layer as surgeon use in lifting surgery. This HIFU will emit energy to specific area so that SMAS will shrink and look tightened immediately after treatment and will slowly see full effect within 2 monthes.

Overmore, it can target emitting HIFU to other layer of skin to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen, The result will be plumped, firmed, glowing and smoothened skin. ULTHERA is counted as another high quality anti-aging innovation.



It is less painful and last longer with Hyper Personallift X3 technique.


Many people may have heard from those who have done ULTHERA that there is bearable pain, while some may say it is very painful. With this reason, dermatologists at Romrawin Clinic that understand clients’ problem well, use experience over 20 years to design treating innovation, ULTHERA, as latest special technique. To be less painful and last longer when get ULTHERA treatment, this technique is designed by dermatologist team 0f Romrawin Clinic. It changes how energy is emitted to reduce clients’ pain with these 4 following techniques:

    • Hand weighting technique.
      From experience using ULTHERA innovation for a long time, placing emitting head with a proper weight and as close to skin as possible to reduce pain even more while treating.
    • Shooting technique and direction.
      Dermattologist will shoot energy perpendicularly to clients’skin to emit enerrgy to desired location. Other than reducing pain, it also reduce risk of getting burnt skin.
    • Moving transducer technique.
      It is to move transducer or emitting head between each shot for 5 mm. so that energy won’t be too accumulated in the same area. It is to prevent building up heat. It can reduce pain and burn even more.
    • Changing shooting location tecnique.
      Other than moving transducer, it can also change its shooting location, when it emits 15 Lines of energy to prevent too much accumulated energy in the same area.



Hyper Personalift X3

This Hyper Personallift X3 techinique is a technique to reduce pain and meet every needs of skin problems. It fixes every aging problems as followed:


    • Frame Selection firm up face frame.
    • Light & Shadow Me increase fcial dimension in every degree.
    • Conceal Selection

It smoothen all skin problems with principle of Hyper Personallift X3 technique, which focus on SMAS and Collagen Rich. It will emit energy as Double Depth with 3 versions of transducer to SMAS to make tissues shrink and lift up. It will also emit energy to Collagen Rich, which has the highest intensity of collagen and suitable to stimulate collagen production the most, so skin will look plumped and lifted even more.



Area that has high collagen intensity?
    • Dermis
      This layer has high intensity of Collagen, Elastin and Fibroblast, which make it important layer and suitable for doing lifting and restore skin.
    • SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System)
      Tissue layer that cover around muscles, cover all over the face from forehead, temples, under eyes, chin and neck. This area has horizontal collagen, covering muscles, and suitable to stimulate for lifting.



What is advantage of ULTHERA Hyper Personallift X3?
    • Discover every skin problem.
      With MFU-V (Micro-Focused Ultrasound with Visualization) technology of ULTHERA innovation, you can see the screen on Real Time during the treatment. You can see skin layer during the treatment, so energy can be focused to SMAS and Collagen Rich precisely.
    • Plan treatment specifically.
      Face of each person has different skin structure, so it need to be planned by dermatologist to analyse and design for precie treatment.
    • Treat directly on every problems
      Lastly, treatment will be effective and safe or not, expertise of dermatologist is important. Also, adapting experience in using each version of transducer properly for the highest efficiency, safety and last-long result, is needed.


S / M / L or XL Can deal with any size of problem.

Ulthera Hyper Personallift X3 program can meet all range of aging problem because in each range of age, there is different skin problems. Treating with Ulthera program should be best to fix problem to a proper level. More problem, more shot. No matter you are 30+ / 40+ / 50+ or 60+ years, you can have nice and firm face with Ulthera Hyper Personallift X3 program, which can meet all different aging problems.



  • Ulthera S – clearer face frame and adjust skin quality for 30+ of age

Age of 30+ is the age that skin start to not be smooth and firm as it used to be, and started to be saggy around the face frame. Mainly, skin will look shabby and rough. It starts to have wrinkles and unclear face frame. Ulthera S program will help to be anti-aging for Beginner level problem. It focus on fixing face frame and restoring skin condition to look plumped, smooth, glowing and young. This program will shoot from 200-300 Lines and last longer. It is recommended to treat continuously once a year.




  • Ulthera M – Reduce wattle, clear face frame and glowing eyes’ look for 40+ of age

Most of those with age of 40+ will get more and more dark circles under eyes, causing by subcutaneous layer and collagen atrophy in that area. Also, face frame is becoming more and more saggy.

Ulthera M program will focus on face frame with more Line to lift up face frame, reduce wattle and recover collagen around the eyes area with special transducer for eyes’ area to look plumped. Ulthera M program is an upgrade version from S program, which shoot around 400-600 Lines and for long lasting result, it is recommended to use the program continuously once a year.




  • Ulthera L – lift up face frame, reduce wattle, recuperate skin around the eyes and firm up neck for 50+ of age.

At the age of 50+, aging problems are even more serious. Area around the eyes is getting more dark circles and more wrinkles, and looks shabby with saggy face frame, wattle and neck, which doesn’t look firm as usual.

It can all be fixed with Ulthera L program, upgraded in full course. It focuses on fixing every problems; reshoot face frame, reduce wattle, recuperate skin around the eyes and lift up neck skin to be firm again. Ulthera L program will about 700-900 Lines and forlong lasting result, it is recommended to do the program continuously twice a year.




  • Ulthera XL – fix every problem for 60+ of age

Age of 60+ can still be perfectly beautiful if aging problems are fixed correctly by dermatologists. Ulthera XL program is an ultra solution to fix every problem; recuperate collagen all around the face, eyes and neck to be elevated and firm, and recover smooth and glowing skin. Ulthera XL program will shoot about 1000-1200 Lines and for long lasting result, it is recommended to do the program continuously twice a year.



ULTHERA Hyper Personallift X3 is a program that accumulate special techniques in ULTHERA innvation together. It is designed by highly experienced dermatologist from Romrawin Clinic, so it can meet all needs in reducing pain, better efficiency, last longer and can still fix aging problems, as well as sagging skin of all age ranges.

For those who think that they are still young and that it possibly be too fast to do ULTHERA at their 30s, wehave to tell you that the faster you fix aging problems, thte better result you will get.

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  • Top Allergan Aesthetics Valued Customer 2020 Body Contouring
  • Excellent Allergan Aesthetics Valued Customer 2020 
  • The Thailand Top Achiever for Ultheraphy TDs. : รางวัลยอดใช้ Ultheraphy TDs. สูงสุดอันดับต้นๆ ของประเทศไทย
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  • The Thailand To Achieve for Ultherapy, German Toxin, Swiss Filler
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