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How to face lift for smoothened and plumped skin like Korean girls?

Using HIFU lifting technology is one of the option for skin care without surgery, because one of the thing that can’t be surgerized isTightened and healthy skin from inner structureWhen inner structure function  with highest efficiency, it will result in plumped and flattened skin, trenches became shallower, firmer face frame with V-shape and when we have healthier skin, we will have younger look like being frozen in adolescence. Wouldn’t it be better, if we have  anti-aging” method with HIFU lifting technology with approved safety standard from Korean KFDA and Thai THAIFDA.

Dont wait until skin get saggy, it will be harder.Let’s HIFU help lifting even in your youth.

Lifting technology does not only help to treat skin problem for older people. When getting to 20s, collagen production mechanism of both men and women work less efficiently, especially after 25 years old, collagen production is getting even slower for 1.5% per year and collagen production  will be less efficient as age increase. If skin is ignored since adolescence, no treatment, no collagen filling under the skin or deep skin like SMAS, which support muscle. Of course, first sign of sagging skin will appear since teenage.

HIFU index



Let’s get to know HIFU technology.

Before HIFU technology is separated as an option in lifting treatment, HIFU technology started from being developed to cure disease without surgery since 1942.

It also used to cure neuro disease in 1955. Following in 2004, FDA allow to use HIFU in curing uterine fibroids for women who don’t want to get pregnant again, and in 2007, CE allow to use HIFU in reducing pain in curing metastatic bone cancer, and nowadays, it also cures cancer and cyst without surgery, and in medical aesthetic, when HIFU is developed separately for skin care, energy used is adjusted as smaller Dot (smaller focus) and energy length which properly reduce, and skin structure depth without destroying upper dermis and other tissues.




What is HIFU lifting?
and how does it work?

HIFU is another method to prevent sagging skin since youth by using function of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which is full name of “HIFU”. HIFU will use High Intensity Focused Ultrasound into heat of 66-70 °C.




deep into each skin layer as Micro Point specifically. Distance between each point is the same, approximately 1-1.5 mm.




High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy that is emitted into skin layer like stitching inner layer of skin, stimulating elastin structure and new collagen production, to tighten skin and stronger. Skin, which is not smooth and have deep grooves, will be smoothened without damaging upper dermis or disturbing irrelevant tissues.




Advantage of doing HIFU lifting.

If talking about structure of lower dermis which has done HIFU lifting, it can rejuvenate deep into 3 layers of skin as followed;

    • Upper Dermis, which is 1.5 mm deep.
    • Lower Dermis, which is 3.0 mm deep.
    • Superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), which is 4.5 mm deep, and it is the same layer as facial surgery is done.

Dermatologist will consider to use which head tool is proper to each layer of the skin, depending on depth of the skin. This includes head tools, which can be deep in 3 levels; 1.5mm , 3.0mm and 4.5 mm.



Who does HIFU lifting suitable for?

    • Those who want skin lifting without surgery
    • Those who want face frame with V-Shape without relying on needles
    • Those who have sagging skin problem since they are aged between 20 to 45 years old, depending on dermatologist’s consideration
    • Those who have deep grooves, uneven skin, tear troughs, crows feet, nasolabial folds, forehead lines and marionette lines.
    • Those who have wattle, causing unclear face frame.
    • Those who have pores that do not tighten skin and lacking moisture
    • Those who looking after their firm body shape, upper arms, thighs, abdomen and hips



What does HIFU lifting help?

Combining adventages of HIFU lifting, both doesn’t need needle and doesn’t need surgery, and also approved with high safety standard, which help your skin to look better as followed

    • Lift sagging face frame for V-Shape even more
    • Trench restoration forehead lines to be smoother.
    • Lifting frown lines.
    • Reduce crows feet for more even skin.
    • Reduce nasolabial folds for bright and youthful smile.
    • Lift up marionette lines.
    • Lift up wattle for clearer face frame
    • Result in firmer pore
    • timulate lower dermis to produce collagen and elastin under new skin.
    • Skin look more even and healthierน
    • Upper arms, thighs, abdomen and hips become tight and firmer

Is it painful after doing HIFU lifting?

From experience of dermatologists, who give skin treatment using HIFU lifting, none has felt pain while doing the treatment. Clients only felt warm in some area, and felt like being jerked from the inside, and normally, anesthetic will be applied 45 minutes before the treatment to feel relax during treatment. Some clients didn’t apply anesthetic, since HIFU treatment can be done without pain. However, sensitivity level is not the same in each person. Throughout HIFU lifting, clients are always under derrmatologists’ care. Dermatologist will keep asking about clients’ feelings while placing tool head until treatment is done.



Does it take long to see the results of doing HIFU lifting?

After doing HIFU lifting, you can notice skin get tighten 10-20% instantly, and within about 1-2 monthes, result will be more noticeable.



How often does HIFU lifting need to be done?

Recommend to consult dermatologist since each skin problem, HIFU need to be done once every six monthes, and regularly to stimulate collagen production, so skin keep firm.

How long does HIFU lifting last?

After doing HIFU lifting, result can last up to 6 monthes, and for the result to last longer, it should be done continuously, however it depends on skin problem of each person. Some clients may need to do the treatment more frequently

How old do you need to be to do HIFU lifting?

Recommend to do HIFU since you are 20 years old onwards, because from early 20s, collagen and elastin production gets slower and slower as getting older. Other factors be able to damage skin easier. Also, choosing sagging skin treatment should be considered by dermatologists.

Review on HIFU lifting.






Will face get swollen after doing HIFU lifting?

From experince of dermatologist that cure sagging skin, Romrawin Clinic’s HIFU lifting still haven’t find any client with swollen problem after the treatment.

Does HIFU work? Is it safe?

Nowadays, HIFU lifting machine becomes famous and widely known. Genuine machine comes in many types and many series, but of course, if it is genuine HIFU lifting machine and it was done in standardized clinic. Under care of dermatologist, you will absolutely get desired result.

On the other hand, there are many fake HIFU lifting machines in the market, which come with affordable price, as well as mini sized machine for Home use, which hardly has to mention about the results. Some can’t see any result, or even worse, they get burnt skin as result. Cheap skin medical treatment with cheap price and effective doesn’t exist.

So, before considering HIFU lifting, Romrawin Clinic recommend considering clinic with medical standard, lifting machines, which have been certified by safety standards both in Thailand and abroad. Romrawin Clinic’s HIFU is machine with safety standard from Korean KFDA and THAIFDA. Absolutely guaranteed safety.

Who does HIFU lifting not suitable for?

    • Those who expect the subcutaneous fat to decrease, especially in cases where there is a lot of fat under the skin according to the doctor’s consideration. The energy may not be able to adjust the shooting distance according to the thickness of the fat, which in some cases causes the energy to be unable to adjust the distance to the SMAS layer, of course, it will affect the results of the treatment as well. Fat injection may be recommended to dissolve fat as well. for the overall face frame to look more balanced.
    • Those who have sagging skin with over 45 year old as consider by dermatologists.
    • Those who are equipped with electrical equipment for medical treatment, such as pacemakers.
    • Those who are pregnant

With different types of sagging skin problems, you can contact to consult about skin problems  with dermatologists before getting treated.

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