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Lose body fat or build up body muscles first? Unsolvable issue for those who want nice body shape

____Unsolvable issue for many of those who want to be fit and firm, is whether they should prioritize losing body fat or building body muscles first. Of course, we want to burn excess fat as soon as possible, but for metabolism to work efficiently, enough body muscles are required. It means the more muscle mass percentage, the better fat burning result will be.

Table of contents… Unsolvable issue for those who want nice body shape

Is it possible to lose fat and build up muscles at the same time?

____There was an interesting study sample. This study experiment on healthy young males who have approximately the same body fat percentage. They are separated into three equal groups of samples. 

  • First group was designed to do Cardio Training or Cardiorespiratory Fitness, which was exercise focusing on heart rate and lung functionality. It was a training to stimulate blood circulatory system and strengthening heart muscle.
  • Second group was Weight Training or strengthening muscles using weights and bar.
  • And last group was doing both kinds of exercise, Cardio and Weight Training. Everyone in this sample set was doing the same workout routines for 12 weeks

____The result was focusing on change in body fat mass and body muscle mass. It could be evaluated that Cardio Training group lost body fat mass and a bit of body muscle mass, while Weight Training group gained body muscle mass and lost body fat mass, but less than Cardio Training set did.
____For last group that did both kinds of exercise continuously, the result was the best in 3 sample group. They had gained more body muscle mass than Weight Training group and lost more body fat mass than Cardio Training group.
____From this study, it could be concluded that losing fat and building up muscles can be done together, but needed to be quite vigorous for both Cardio and Weight Training continuously in order to fulfill requirement.

How does body muscle mass increase?

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____After working out that use muscles heavily, especially in Weight Training, body will be in recovery process, repairing damaged muscle tissues from heavy training. Those damage will stimulate muscle stem cells, called Satellite Cell, to be in cell division process, and merge with original muscle tissues. Recovered muscles will be bigger and thicker gradually, as well as will be strengthened. That means when you workout regularly, muscles will expand and burn fat more efficiently in long term.

____Over more, daily diet also plays an important part in building up your muscle even more effectively. In each day, there should be enough protein intake, limit carbohydrate diet but not refrainment, low sugar and low fat diet, as well as eat sufficient amount of fruit and vegetable, and drink sufficient amount of water, while exercising.

Stress is an obstacle in building nice body shape

____Major issue of many of those who determined in building nice body shape, is stress from pressuring themselves. This stress result negatively in metabolism system and strengthening of muscles.

____When we are stressed or pressured, our body will secrete hormone, called Cortisol, from adrenal glands. If this hormone of stress is secreted too excessively, it results very badly in strengthening muscle.

____Role of Cortisol hormone is balancing sugar level in blood circulatory system, but if there is an excess amount of this hormone that sugar level in blood becomes too low, body will feel starved and be hungry all the time, especially desert makes it even harder to control weigh.


____Normally, Cortisol hormone will help to burn fat and stored energy in body, but if there is an excessive amount, metabolism system will fluctuate, and other than burning fat, it will destroy muscle mass as well. Losing body muscle mass wont effect well for those who are building nice body shape.

____Success will not happen overnight. It needs time, discipline and patience, so find a way to relax, be patient, persuade yourself or set enjoying goal along with friends or family members.

Building nice body shape even faster with medical professional at Romrawin Clinic

____Nice body shape will be gained quickly or slowly, depending on determination and discipline in taking care of yourself include working out efficiently and continuously, having proper healthy diet and taking good care of your mental state regularly.

____Moreover, recently, there is advanced medical technology that help to succeed your goal quickly as well.

____At Romrawin Clinic, there are medical specialists in losing weigh and slimming. They can give advice together with plan program using advanced technology in losing excess fat and building up muscles. All of this will be done according to customers’ goal in building nice body shape faster.

  • Fat Freezing by Coolsculpting
    ____Is a program that use technology to break up excess fat with freezing temperature of -11°C, suiting for those who have excess fat on the abdomen, hips, upper arms, thighs, back wings and wattles.
    ____CoolSculpting is a fat breaking innovation with US FDA standard from USA, so it has high security. It is an innovation that helps to break up fat without liposuction surgery or requirement to recuperate.
    ____Working principle of this machine is to releasing cooling energy up to freezing point into fat cells, which is studied and found that fat cells can’t bear freezing condition and lead to Apoptosis process many times faster. That is to break up slowly and your body will get rid of leftovers naturally.
    ____Result from using this program regularly as instructed by medical specialists, is fat cells will break up permanently. If customers look after themselves well, control diet and regularly go to gym, nice body shape will be maintained.

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  • Body Firm by Emsculpt
    ____is a program that use electromagnetic pulse technology or HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology) in building up body muscle mass and firming body using electromagnetic wave to stimulate muscles to contract and relax quickly up to 20,000 times within 30 minutes.
    ____When muscles are used heavily, result in restore and repair, as well as building up muscles and burning fat at the same time. In study, it is found that using Emsculpt program as instructed regularly, will help to build up muscle and lose fat at the same time, and result in nice and firm body shape.
    ____Another specialty of Emsculpt is its ability to stimulate contraction and relaxation of muscles that is normally hard to exercise and help building muscle more efficiently.
    ____This program is suitable for those who aim to build muscle, break up fat, create six pack, create Sexy Line, create V Line, shape nice butt or even curing Diastasis Recti in postpartum mother.
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