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Outer Canthus Botox Injection

What is canthus Botox injection?

Canthus Botox injection reduce crow’s feet. Aging skin, eye wrinkles or crow’s feet are caused by the deterioration of the skin around the eyes, that caused by increasing age. The skin around the eyes is more delicate than the other skin area on the face. It is twice as likely to lose moisture, therefore, it tend to get wrinkle easily. The problem of wrinkles around the eyes or wrinkles around the canthus, in addition to the age of the skin that has changed, frequent facial expressions through the eyes also causes wrinkles around the eyes faster as well. In addition, sunlight, pollution and living habits also accelerate the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. If not properly taken care of, these wrinkles can tell the age, making us look older than our age. Nowadays, the popular methods for reducing eye wrinkles are laser skin tightening and canthus Botox injection.


The real reason for canthus wrinkle occurance

It is well known that the cause of wrinkles is caused by collagen under the skin layer being destroyed. As the age increases, there is less collagen production to replace. It’s called being out of production. Deterioration of elastin fibers from the movement of small muscles around the eyes, often causing the skin to lose its elasticity. We may accidentally rub our eyes or often squints when encountering the sun unconsciously. Therefore, when we leave the house, don’t forget to carry sunglasses or umbrella. It can help to prevent wrinkles as well.


Who is canthus Botox injection suitable for?

    • Those who have problems with wrinkles around the eyes.
    • Those who have falling canthus problems, causing by the sagging of the skin.
    • Those who have problems when showing their facial expressions and can clearly see wrinkles around the canthus or known as crow’s feet.


Benefits of canthus Botox injection

    • Reduce small wrinkles to look faded like the wrinkles around the canthus.
    • Visibly reduces crow’s feet
    • Reduce wrinkles while frowning
    • Reduce wrinkles around the bridge of the nose.


Suggestion before canthus Botox injection

    • Every time before deciding to get canthus Botox injection, choosing a dermatologist or facility is the most important thing. You must study and understand about wrinkles or problems, because wrinkles around the eyes are caused by many factors for the most precise correction.
    • Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking to reduce blood pumping to prevent the drug from moving to another location.
    • Before Botox injection, you should have the dermatologist mix the drug in front of you to know that the drug used is genuine and it is not a fake product that can cause side effects after injection.
    • Refrain from taking drugs that affect the dilation of blood vessels or cause the blood to stop flowing. If anyone has regular medication, they should inform the dermatologist first every time.


Suggestion after canthus Botox injection

    • Immediately after Botox injection, tense the face 1-2 times to spread the drug for fully function
    • Refrain from stroking and palpating at the injection site as it may affect the distribution of the drug.
    • Refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking and all substances that cause the blood to pump 24 hours after the injection.
    • Refrain from laser, RF or steam treatment for 2 weeks before injection.
    • After Botox injection, you should refrain from lying down and refrain from bowing your head below heart level for 3 hours.
    • After the injection, daily life can be used normally. You can apply nourishing cream and makeup without having to wait for the skin to recuperate for a long time.


Frequently asked question about canthus Botox injection

Q : Does canthus Botox injection last long?
A : Normally, canthus Botox injection will start to see full effect in about 1-2 weeks, and the effect can last about 4-6 months, depending on the individual wrinkle problem. For people who bruise easily, they may have to refrain from taking vitamin supplements for about 1 week before the injection. After canthus Botox injection, your dermatologist will advise you to refrain from massaging your face at the injection site for about 2 weeks.

Q : Is canthus botox injection dangerous?
A : For those who are afraid of needles, Botox injections or possible mistakes because of the area around the eyes is close to the important point and have many nerve points, but in fact, the injection is not scary or as dangerous as you think. With the techniques that each dermatologist has and with the experience of that physician, the dermatologist will know where to inject to get the best results. The dermatologist will assess the condition of the problem and the amount of drug required for appropriate use and is safe
A : For natural results along with safety, after the injection, there are no side effects such as stiff face while smiling, but simultaneous injections in many positions may result in dry eye symptoms or slightly blurred vision, but it is not dangerous at all. Symptoms will continue to get better and become normal within 3-4 weeks.

Q : What are the method to reduce canthus wrinkles or crow’s feet?
A : Applying a nourishing cream. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes or eye wrinkles are best prevention by applying nourishing cream and keeping the skin around the eyes moisturized. Skin cream containing Retinol as well as antioxidants will help reduce wrinkles around the eyes.
A : Wrinkle reduction laser and tighten the skin around the eyes. Nowadays, there are technologies that help to stimulate collagen production, whether Ultherapy or using RF waves that help to stimulate collagen at a deep level, making the skin around the eyes look firmer and wrinkles at the corners of the eyes look faded.
A : Canthus Botox injection is a temporary decrease in the functioning of the muscles. Botulinum toxin will act by inhibiting the transmission of neuromuscular signals. This causes a reduction in contractions of muscles, making the skin in that area look smoother and wrinkles look faded. Canthus Botox injection also helps to force the functioning of the eye muscles, causing lift up for falling canthus.
A : Use of fillers or filling substance. For people with wrinkles and deep grooves around the eyes, use of fillers is another option that helps to make the deep groove look more shallow, wrinkles look faded, and eyes look bright and natural.

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