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Armpits Botox Injection

Reduce sweat and smell by armpits Botox injection to restore your confidence.

Did you know that excessive sweating in the armpits besides heredity, it also caused by stress, hormones, or weather conditions? When you are sweating a lot, glands that produce odor in the armpit, will create an unpleasant smell. Applying roll-on can help deodorize, but it’s only a temporary solution. Nowadays we can solve this problem with armpit Botox injection.


What is armpits Botox injection?

Armpit Botox injection is a treatment for people who have abnormalities of armpit sweating abnormally or people who have a lot of sweaty armpits, which causes body odor. Botulinum toxin inhibits the function of the sweat glands, and make you sweat less as well as reduce dampen smell or body odor. You can feel the change up to 35-80%.




What is the cause of excessive sweating or dampen armpits?

Ever you wondered why you sweat? So, what’s the cause of sweat? In fact, sweat is caused by processes within the body that convert nutrients into energy, thus causing the body to generate heat. Then, the body will release heat in the form of “sweat”, which is known as the heat transfer caused by various processes in the body.


What kind of symptom that can be called sweaty and excessive odor?

Normally, the body excretes waste in the form of sweat about 1 liter per day, but if anyone who observes himself and finds that daily sweating of more than 1 liter per day by multiple folds, or at one specific areas than other until it feels abnormal, such as hands, feet, armpits, etc., it  will cause an unpleasant smell. Or even just sit still in a cool place, and still sweat until it affects normal daily life, let’s assume that the body sweats out abnormally. If anyone has this problem in the armpit area, at present, at Romrawin Clinic, we have armpit Botox injection service that can solve this problem.


Who is armpits Botox injection suitable for?

    • Those who have wet armpits until you see a band under the sleeve.
    • Those who have abnormal sweating problems or sweating a lot.
    • Those who have allergies to antiperspirant products, roll on deodorant or underarm skin cream.
    • Those who want to increase their confidence in their underarm skin regarding dress and body odor.


Benefits of armpits Botox injection

    • It doesn’t need surgery and doesn’t leave scars to bother. As well as it doesn’t need to recuperate for a long time and able to live a normal life.
    • It helps to reduce the problem of body odor and wet armpits to increase confidence in showing off the underarm skin even more.
    • Results can be seen quickly and can actually reduce the function of the sweat glands.
    • The preparation before and after is not difficult.


Suggestion before armpits Botox injection

    • However, if the person receive the service has fresh wounds, skin inflammation or infection, it is necessary to treat the aforementioned symptoms to recover well before coming in for service.
    • If there is a problem with the skin in the armpits or fresh cuts, you should consult a doctor and get well before receiving the service to reduce the risks and dangers that may occur.


Suggestion after armpits Botox injection

    • After armpits Botox injection, you should refrain from eating certain foods and drinks such as liquor, beer, pickled fish and spicy foods because it is a sweaty factor and causes strong body odor for at least 2 weeks.
    • Drink lots of water to make the results last longer.
    • Refrain strenuous activities or exposure to heat, such as strenuous exercise, hot lasers, saunas, and armpits treatments for 2 weeks.
    • Refrain from using all kinds of deodorant products for 24 hours.
    • Do not peel, scratch or massage the armpits.
    • Keep the body clean and wear dry and clean clothes, that are not too tight or rubbing against the underarm skin.




Frequently asked question about armpits Botox injection

Q : Cam armpits Botox injection last long?
A : How long the armpits Botox injection will last depends on various factors, including how effective the drug used is, does the dermatologist inject to deactivate sweat glands at the right point or not, and does you take care of yourself strictly as adviced after receiving treatment or not. Normally, armpits Botox injection to reduce sweat will begin to see the change after injection for about 1-3 days and the treatment effect can last for 4-6 months or more each It can be injected repeatedly to make the sweat glands gradually can reduce long-term effect. However, the injection interval should be about 3 months or more.

Q : Is armpits Botox injection painful?
A : For armpit Botox injection, normally, injections will be painful. However, at Romrawin Clinic, we have a standard of care and equipment that will help minimize pain, such as a syringe with an extra-fine tip, cold compress before injection or applying anesthetic before injection. These will make you feel less painful or some people may not feel pain at all.




Result after treatment

After armpits botox injection, it can help reduce sweat in the armpits by up to 35-80%, resulting in less sweating. There will be no more wet armpit problems and make you feel comfortable all day. It reduces musty odor from sweat and odor from the sweat glands directly. The results will last for about 4-6 months and the drug will not be left inside the body.


Why should I get armpits Botox injection at Romrawin Clinic?

    • Dermatologists have experience in injections and able to treat problems on the spot and provide safe service to every customer.
    • Every box of substances injected are genuine and able to be verified from the FDA.
    • The doctor has a unique technique invented by Romrawin Clinic only.
    • There is academic training and new techniques for treatment that always gives better results.

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