The most updated program, which give smoothened and glowing skin. It is moisted naturally as if it is hydrated in the inner layer of skin. It helps skin to glow like Glass skin, incresing brightness and shine with aura  
88%  of customers are fully satisfied
78%  of customers feel confident to show their facial skin without make up
Take less than 1 hour for the service


Glass Glow Skin
ULTHERA Hyper Personalift X3
Hair Removal Laser
Treating Freckles
Treating Sun Spots
Treating Comedone Acne
Inflammatory Acne
Treating Mallorca Acne

Romrawin for the better you

From over 20 years of experience in beauty service industry, Romrawin understand issues and needs of our clients better because each of you has diiferent kind of issues and needs, treating method differ in each individual. Choosing proper technique and equipments, from analysing problem with experience by medical team and service standard with attentiveness to the gueats of our staffs, helping treatment to be effective and result as desred in each individual.

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Romrawin Clinic

Aesthetic clinic that provides you with comfortability from 24 branches of Romrawin, convenient travel and thorough service throughout Thailand, both in Bangkok and perimeter, and the countryside (Servicing zone in Bangkok and perimeter; Siam Paragon, Yannawa, Silom, Chidlom, Emquatier, Pinklao, Ngamwongwan, Salaya, Chaengwattana, Bangkapi, Bangna, Rama 2, Raa 9, Ekkamai, Rangsit, Ladplao, Bangyai, Nonthaburi, Ramintra) No matter which area you are in within Bangkok, you can easilyget consultation and service from the nearest branch.


Residing in the countryside can also choose comfortable branch to get service from other than branches in Bangkok and perimeter.

Countryside’s branches are also ready to provide treatment to your health and your skin comfortably as well. If you live in the countryside and want to get treated in aesthetic clinic, you acn choose from following branches;

– Chiang Mai zone and surrounding provinces. You can visit Romrawin Clinic at Central festival Chiang Mai.

– Phuket zone. You can visit Romrawin Clinic at Central Floresta Phuket.

– Khon kaen zone and surrounding provinces. You can visit Romrawin Clinic at Cental Plaza Khon Kaen. -Chonburi zone and surrounding provinces. You can visit Romrawin


Choosing aesthetic clnic, then why does it have to be “Romrawin Clinic” Other than Romrawin Clinic has been opened for more than 19 years and branches everywhere, our service core includes;

– EXPERTISE Treat, give consultation and solve problem by experienced dermatologists. All Romrawin’s medical team dedicated to practice, train, study and look for new technology continuously to improve and develop even better result.

– SOLUTIONS Proper, up-to-date, safe and effective treating method. Romrawin Clinic’s medical team has been committed to inventing and studying how to treat skin and body shape by using various method and tools for a better result   

– PERSONALIZE Treat skin and body shape with different method because each client have different problem and purpose, for example, skin condition, duration that encounter various skin problems, reasons for those skin problems. With experienced dermatologists designing specific treatment for each client.

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Customers’ satisfactiom and result is the highest priority.

All Romrawin Clinic’s medical team, leading by Dr. Thanisorn Thumlikitkul, studied and developed, as weell as imported latest technology and equipments to increase performance of the treatment and result, because we want all of our customers to step out of Romrawin Clinic with smile of happiness. We never stop to develop to provide the best to our customers.